Yamaichi Electronics USA, Inc. has released Test & Burn In sockets for fine pitch BGA/LGA-IC398 Series.

Socket requirements for current industry FBGA's are increasing. Yamaichi Electronics has the solution for these kind of packages. This is an introduction of our new open-top 0.5 mm pitch FBGA socket.

To have a good electrical contact while minimizing ball damage, contact force and contact shape must be designed in the proper way.

Objectives are fine pitch, less ball deformation, automation in handling, fan out method or SMT mounting, low profile and flexibility of design.

Socket features to meet the 0.5 mm grid space, contact was designed as bow type and force is linear. Contact tip is smooth rounded cup, which will minimize the ball damage and give a good contact force.

This socket was designed as open top type, which is good for automatic load and unload by easy actuation.

Connecting socket to burn-in-board is a difficult process for this kind of fine pitch. Surface mount technique is one solution. IC398 series contact was designed as SMT type. Also, contact tail can be fanned-out to larger pitch using the pitch conversion board.

To meet customer demands, IC398 has a standard base, which will accept different size IC's by incorporating new guide frame and latch. Currently, maximum acceptable grid size is 18 × 18 (0.5 mm)