Company Description
Applied Wave Research, Inc. (AWR) is a worldwide leader in the development of electronic design automation (EDA) software for RF, microwave and wireless applications. Leading electronics companies use AWR products to explore design alternatives and accurately simulate circuit performance prior to building actual prototypes. AWR design solutions allow engineers to optimize product performance and reduce manufacturing costs while accelerating time-to market.

Markets Served
AWR has established itself as a preeminent supplier of computer-aided-engineering (CAE) and computer-aided-design (CAD) tools for high-speed and high-frequency electronics. AWR products are used in the design & development of cellular phones, pagers, wireless networks, satellite communications, collision avoidance radar, high-speed computing, defense electronics and other state-of-the-art technologies. AWR's customers include many leading manufacturers of semiconductors, computers and communications equipment including Boeing, Lucent Technologies, Cisco Systems, Motorola, Ericsson, Remec, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and WJ Communications.

AWR's core software technology is built upon an object-oriented architecture that is inherently more open and flexible than "old-style" structured programs. This architecture is part of an overall software development strategy that allows pieces of the program to be largely independent. The complexity of AWR design technology scales in proportion to its functionality, rather than increasing exponentially, which results in products that are more reliable and more efficient than competing technologies.

Technical Services
In the rapidly advancing RF & microwave industry addressing customer needs with world class technical support is key priority. AWR strives to exceed its customer expectations by offering them clearly superior products and services. The technical support services are an integral part of the AWR design solutions and an important differentiator in the EDA marketplace. AWR leverages an extensive worldwide business partner channel that provides local sales and support services on a global basis.

Major Products
AWR's award-winning Microwave Office 2002 design suite is an integrated solution including schematic entry, linear and nonlinear simulation, electromagnetic (EM) analysis and integrated circuit & PCB layout. The complete design suite is both technologically advanced and easy to learn and use. Voltaire XL is an advanced harmonic-balance and Volterra series simulator for liner and nonlinear analysis of oscillators, mixers, amplifiers, and complete subsystems. EMSight, a fast and accurate 3D planer electromagnetic simulator, is ideal for analyzing patch antennas, filters, and couplers. It is also commonly used in the analysis of monolithic microwave ICs (MMICs), RF integrated circuits (RFICs), and high-speed printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Applied Wave Research has its corporate headquarters located in El Segundo, California. This facility is the main research and development facility and the center for technical support, sales and administration. The company's international operations are bases near London in the United Kingdom.

Applied Wave Research, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
1960 East Grand Ave., Ste. 430
El Segundo, Ca 90245
Fax: 310-726-3005

International Operations
7 Paynes Park
Hitchin Herts, UK SG5 1EH
Phone: +44 (1462) 429701
Fax: +44 (1462) 429742

Date Founded: 1994

President and CEO: James Spoto

Chief Operating Officer: Dane M. Collins

Executive VP Sales and Marketing: Ted A. Miracco

Chief Technology Officer: Dr. Joseph E. Pekarek

Chief Scientist: Dr. Stephan A. Mass

VP International Operations: Steven Evans-Pughe

VP Sales: Ron Patston

VP Engineering: Paul Cameron