American Audio Components was formed in 1996 by Benjamin Pan who is part of the founding family of the Yuan Yu Electronic Group in China.

YEC marketed its' products through traders and third party brokers that service the industry ten years prior to formation of AAC.

YEC understood that the electronics industry suffered from third party marketing which resulted in:
•no product traceability to a responsible manufacturing company
•unearned or excessive profits
•little or no quality responsibility

Today our total facilities size has reached five hundred thousand square feet, occupied by four thousand production workers, two hundred engineers, forty quality lead people and ten general managers.

This international team of professionals produces exceptional quality: Electro Magnetic SMD Audio Transducers, Electro Magnetic Buzzers, Dynamic Miniature Speakers, Electromagnetic Audio Transducers, Telephone Receivers, Dynamic Speaker Audio Transducers and Vibrating Motors.

AAC is the direct marketing arm of the American Audio Components factories. This brings our customers tremendous cost/price savings and product traceability to a responsible factory group. AAC is housed in a 25,000 sq. ft. building in La Verne, California.

The facilities supports a distribution center to provide inventoried products to the Western Hemisphere markets that includes an extensive testing laboratory with a walk-in anechoic chamber. Modern B&K, Missa and design equipment have recently been added. The La Verne center serves as corporate sales and management offices.

American Audio Components modern facilities are located in two different geographic areas of China. Shenzhen, China's industry showcase, is outside of Hong Kong. The other location is in Miao Qiao Town, south of Changzhou City in Jiangsu Province of China.

Our California offices are now home to a new Engineering Design Center. Our staff of electrical, mechanical and acoustic engineers allow us to solve complex audio applications in Western terms. The recent addition of acoustical engineering professors from a leading university gives AAC world class acoustical design status in the United States. This addition facilitates real time attention to product design and application questions that will not be delayed by Asian time zone difference.

American Audio Components
Changzhou Ltd., designs and manufactures dynamic speakers, receivers and specific products for telecommunication markets. It is ISO 9001 rated. Changzhou Weililai Electronic Acoustic Device Co., Ltd., designs and manufactures audio transducers and speakers for the automotive market. This division's QS 9000 rating took effect in April 2000. Changzhou Kaitai Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd., tooling factory supports all our facilities.

Our sales already exceeded fifty million. A strong customer base includes companies the likes of: Compaq, Dell, Motorola (Cellular & Automotive), IBM, Gateway, 3-Com, Delphi, Denso, Handspring and Qualcomm/Kyocera.

We can be reached at:
American Audio Components
1920 Wright Avenue
La Verne, California, USA 91750
Phone: (909) 596-3788
Fax: (909) 596-9108