About Aerocomm
Aerocomm specializes in providing instant wireless solutions for industrial, commercial and consumer applications. The company leads the wireless industry with consistent technology breakthroughs, providing superior price and performance in 2.4 GHz data radios.

Aerocomm's primary focus is enabling OEMs of varying wireless experience to buy, rather than make, computer RF transceivers. This reduces OEM's R&D schedules, costs and uncertainty while accelerating their time to market.

About ConnexRF™
The propriety technology inside AeroComm's products is a revolutionary FHSS system that provides robust communication at a low cost. Transmissions are fast, powerful and reliable, resisting interference even in RF-saturated areas. ConnexRF's flexible frequency-hopping modes allow users to create many co-located independent networks in one area; each transceiver talks only with its assigned group.

ConnexRF operates in the 2.4 GHz license-free ISM band, which is approved virtually worldwide as an unlicensed spectrum subject to approval by device. Agency certification is constantly expanded for all modules. Free RF consultations are available for both industrial and commercial applications.

ConnexRF enables smooth integration of wireless capability, replacing cumbersome cables.

•Lower Cost
ConnexRF can replace miles of expensive wiring, greatly reducing the high costs of cable installation or retrofitting.

Less Environmental Impact
ConnexRF eliminates the environmentally invasive damage of laying cable while reducing investments in reconstruction.

•System Protection
ConnexRF allows for isolation of sensitive equipment, reducing the chances of failure due to power surges or severed cables.

•Greater Flexibility
Equipment is no longer physically tied to the terminal. ConnexRF enables easy relocation within a building or over large outdoor distances.

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