Extending the Power of Wireless

Centurion Wireless Technologies, Inc. is a leading global designer and manufacturer of antennas and power products for wireless applications. Centurion's customers include the largest wireless OEMs in the cellular handset and wireless data markets.

BlueChip™ antenna for Bluetooth and 802.11b

Centurion was founded in 1978 by Gary and Susan Kuck who saw the need for a durable and superior-performing portable antenna. They established an "in-house" approach to the introduction of sales and production of the new antenna: sales during the morning, design in the afternoon and production in the evening. Twenty-three years later, Centurion has grown from two to more than 1,200 employees around the world at seven different locations. Centurion has continued to maintain a competitive edge in the wireless market through significant investment in research and development, corporate quality planning and technology that anticipates the requirements of future market demands.

i-ceilings™ Antenna Panel (backside of panel)

As a leading OEM supplier, Centurion provides custom-designed products for a broad range of applications including cellular handsets, data collection devices, two-way radios, wireless local area networks (IEEE 802.11a and 802.11b), wireless local loop, in-building wireless, telemetry, telematics, Bluetooth, PCS, GSM, GPRS, 3G and GPS. The experience that comes with this vast array of applications enables Centurion to design, develop and manufacture a multitude of custom products for its clients.

Centurion applies the latest technology to many aspects of production. These technological advances reduce cycle time, increase consistency, and improve quality during the production. For instance, Centurion's robotic equipment is designed for producing high volumes at an exceptional rate, while maintaining quality and customer satisfaction. Over 90% of Centurion's automation and tooling is designed and produced in-house to provide full turnkey capabilities.

Looking up at i-ceilings™ panel

Global Facilities
Centurion's corporate office is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. With additional sales and R&D offices in Shanghai, P.R.C.; Aylesbury, U.K.; Seoul, S. Korea; Penang, Malaysia; Westminster, Colorado, and Scotts Valley, California, along with sales representatives and distributors around the world, Centurion is easily accessible to its clients. This global footprint enables Centurion to have engineering, sales and manufacturing resources close to its customers in order to quickly ramp up and meet their high volume needs, while saving their customers time and money in production and development costs.

As an ISO 9001 registered company, Centurion has quality assurance programs in place at all phases of design and development. The Lincoln, Nebraska, and Shanghai, P.R.C., facilities are ISO 9001 registered and the manufacturing facilities in Penang, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom are both ISO 9002 registered.

Anechoic Chamber

Custom Antenna and
Power Products Solutions

Wireless equipment manufacturers choose Centurion for their custom antenna and power products because of its advanced technology, broad product line, manufacturing capacity, product design capability, international presence, and ability to respond quickly to orders. Centurion's significant vertical integration in process technologies enables it to design and develop new products cost effectively, and reduce its customers' reliance on multiple component suppliers while ensuring the highest quality standards.

Centurion's custom design teams (located at five design centers around the globe) provide integrated research, design, tooling, molding, assembly and complete accelerated life testing capabilities to their clients when designing custom components. Their effectiveness is enhanced and completed with Centurion's global manufacturing capabilities. Centurion is able to shift manufacturing capacity to the appropriate site in order to service and rapidly respond to its customer needs while maintaining a high level of engineering and design control over the end product.

Multi-band Retractable Helical Antennas

Antenna Technology
Centurion uses innovative technology to remain the industry leader in antenna design and development. Centurion communicates with its clients on a continual basis to understand their products and how they are going to be used. Centurion's highly skilled and experienced development teams are then able to design a component that will meet and exceed the client's needs.

Centurion designs, develops and manufactures antennas for wireless handsets, wireless data devices and two-way radios. Their products are used daily by cellular phone users, emergency services, public works, airports, automotive race circuits, and rental car fleets. They cover applications from 27 MHz to 6 GHz. Each Centurion antenna is individually tuned to frequency, maximum gain, and radiation pattern performance. Centurion has developed patented technology for the operation of its collapsible and retractable antennas, and also offers several stubby antennas for cellular handset use. Centurion has injection-molded antennas in articulated, fixed, retractable or internal configurations that perform in a full range of frequencies, bandwidths, patterns and gain.

Centurion's low profile, high performance antennas extend existing and new wireless networks, enabling the use of mobility-driven applications in a wide variety of wireless environments including campus area and mobile telephony environments. This in-building technology enables Centurion to develop antennas with higher gain (power, efficiency and coverage) and broader bandwidth in a smaller, less expensive package than conventional antenna technology. Centurion has expanded this technology through a partnership with Armstrong to produce ceiling tiles with built in antenna systems to provide their clients with an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional in-building antennas.

Power Product Technology
Centurion offers power source integration for mobile phones, pagers, portable two-way radios, telemetry and tracking, automated warehousing, inventory control and laser survey transits. Molded in their in-house plastics division, every battery pack is tested to make sure it meets or exceeds all electrical, mechanical and functional specifications. Design elements allow for custom assemblies of lithium polymer, lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium and alkaline cells. Centurion can create custom case molding for unique aesthetic designs, and has developed proprietary cell charging and analysis techniques. Centurion's strong relationships with industry-leading battery cell manufacturers, and its ability to custom design power solutions, give Centurion the opportunity to provide its customers with a total power solution.

Looking Ahead
Centurion's research and development division is currently developing new internal solutions for the handset, PDA, Bluetooth applications and more. To assist in this quest, Centurion has expanded its R&D to include the West Coast Design Center (WCDC) in Scotts Valley, California. WCDC utilizes the latest design and modeling tools to support its West Coast customers' design concepts.

Regardless of your antenna or power source needs, as a leading global designer and manufacturer of antennas and battery packs with over 20 years experience, Centurion delivers. Centurion continues to raise the bar for end-product performance. With cutting edge technology, intellectual property, global manufacturing capabilities, state-of-the-art R&D, and testing facilities, Centurion helps companies thrive in the rapidly changing world of wireless communication.

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