A New Wave in Wireless, Wired and Optical Components

Avnet RF & Microwave is the leading distributor of RF and microwave semiconductors, components, and related services to original equipment manufacturers and contract manufacturers in the wireless industry. We provide more of the products customers want and more of the value-added services they demand.

An Innovative, Focused RF &
Microwave Market Approach

As a division of Avnet, Inc., we are an RF and microwave specialist backed by the resources of a Fortune 500 company. Avnet RF & Microwave is a dedicated RF and microwave technical selling organization with an emphasis on supplying a specialized technology portfolio. Our product and market specialists offer expertise in RF small signal, RF passives, RF power, RF interconnect products, technology, and applications. Our resources and services are focused on such product lines as RF small signal, RF passives, RF power and RF interconnect. This approach ensures that we can react faster to continuous market changes, providing our customers with the best, most up-to-date technical expertise and products.

Avnet RF & Microwave serves the wireless, wired and optical markets from traditional communications and broadcast systems, to cellular telephones and personal communication infrastructures, global positioning satellites, spread spectrum wireless local area networks, CATV and other communication and data transfer sectors requiring high-frequency solutions for industrial, commercial and military applications.

We Start With Great Products ...
Avnet RF & Microwave is the ONE SOURCE for all of your RF and microwave components, providing the industry's broadest and largest product offering from the industry's premiere suppliers.

Provide Tools to Pick The
Perfect Part ...

Avnet PartBuilder - Point and click to the peRFect pick at
Avnet PartBuilder is an online parametric RF product selector toolkit that enables you to do side-by-side comparisons of similar components. It also provides access to datasheets, online technical support, as well as pricing and availability information.

And Finish with A Total Solution
Avnet RF & Microwave's Superior Value-Added Services

Field Sales Engineer Expertise
Our dedicated team of field sales engineers have extensive industry experience providing in-depth, knowledgeable product assessments to help accelerate your evaluation, design, selection and purchasing processes.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Services
Avnet Microwave Technical Solutions (MTS)

Housed in a 50,000-square-foot facility, Avnet MTS provides critical manufacturing capabilities, as well as extensive testing and assembly services unmatched by many manufacturers in the industry. The Avnet MTS facility passed its most recent ISO 9000 audit with zero non-conformances, a rating achieved only by one in seven companies. Quality Management Institute auditors found that the quality of the MTS manufacturing processes — from order and receipt of raw materials through shipment of finished goods — was significantly advanced over other companies.

Avnet MTS:
•Manufactures amplifiers, detectors, attenuators and cable assemblies for frequencies up to 26.5 GHz.
•Conducts high-reliability and parametric testing to ensure customers select the right devices for their systems

Custom hybrid assembly and design
Thin-film Assembly
Cable Assemblies
Evaluation boards
Die handling

Cable assemblies
Custom Evaluation
Die handling services

Design Services
Wireless Design Solutions

Avnet's RF and Microwaves design services lab provides value-added design and technical services for Bluetooth technology, a short-range, wireless technology which is revolutionizing the personal connectivity market. Using our Bluetooth starter kit, application developers can quickly and cost competitively integrate Bluetooth technology into their end products.

And More
Our design teams also create wireless solutions ranging from component evaluation and recommendation to software core writing and turnkey solutions, such as turnkey customer integrated circuit designs and reusable intellectual property. These services enable our customers to outsource design engineering services or supplement in-house resources, reducing overhead costs and reducing time-to-market.

Product Integration
We can assemble your components with other commodities across the entire Avnet line card to provide a total solution.

Complete Materials Management Services
Let Avnet Integrated Material Services manage your entire bill of materials (BOM) across our diverse line card:

Services include:
•In-plant stores
•In-plant terminals
•Inventory replenishment
•Turnkey assembly

From Start to Finish ...
Wireless, Wired or Optical ...
Avnet RF & Microwave Does It All.

We provide the superior products, online tools, technical expertise and value-added services for a total RF & Microwave solution. For more information on how Avnet RF & Microwave can help you conquer the challenges of today's wireless, wired and optical world, call us today.

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