Bourns announced the expansion of its Inductive Component product line. The new products include additions to current product families, as well as the introduction of a new line.

Bourns expands its family by introducing the Chip Ferrite Beads product line. Serving as a high frequency and EMI blocker for the telecom, computer, automotive and industrial markets, Bourns offers the following types: MH High Current Series, MA Chip Ferrite Bead Arrays, MT Low Current/Impedance Series, and the MG, MU, MZ High Impedance Series. Bourns Chip Ferrite Beads are used for noise suppression in digital equipment, automotive electronic equipment, car stereos, car engine controllers, electronic instruments, and computer and peripheral devices.

The products are available in six different sizes, ranging from 1.6 mm to 4.5 mm. Bourns' new Chip Beads are packaged in tape and reel, 1000 to 4000 pieces per reel, and can be picked and placed with all standard equipment.

Bourns expanded its SMD Power Choke line by introducing two Non-Shielded models, SDR0403 and SDR1105, and one shielded model, SRR1305. Serving the telecom, computer, automotive and instrumentation industries, Bourns now offers a range of 23 standard models, with customer specific models available upon request. Bourns offers three different shapes, including square, round and oval, fitting into smaller board spaces. Bourns has increased the number of Non-Shielded models to 11, offering sizes from 4 mm to 22 mm with current rating to 35A, while bringing the offering of Shielded models to a total of 12, ranging from 6 mm to 12 mm, with current rating to 22 A. Bourns Power Chokes are offered in a tape and reel packaging, and can be mounted with standard pick and place equipment.

Bourns increases its Chip Inductor product line by launching CW160808. With a wirewound, open construction size of 1.6 mm, a high Q factor and an available inductance range of 1.8 nH to 270 nH, the CW16 rounds out Bourns' current CW model offering. The CW16 can be used in cellular phones and other applications where high frequencies and a high Q factor are required. Bourns' CW160808 is offered in tape and reel packaging of 3000 pieces per reel, and can be picked and placed with standard equipment.

Bourns is also introducing two new Data Line Dual Chokes: the SM-73818E and the DR332 Series. The new Chokes are used for EMI suppression in data and signal lines, including CAN Bus. Bourns offers two types of windings: sector and bifilar.

Bourns continues to increase the Inductive Components product line by adding two new Through-Hole Power Inductors, LPA Series Axial Power Inductor and LPV Series Radial Power Inductor. These new Through-Hole Inductors are used for storage inductor and filtering frequency for DC/DC converters and power supplies in the high-end consumer, industrial and instrumentation industries. Bourns offers three different axial sizes with length between 18 mm to 26 mm and current ratings to 5 A, and three different radial sizes with height between 20 mm to 23 mm and current ratings to 10 A.