Tektronix announced a new oscilloscope family that enhances its award-winning TDS3000 Series DPO.

The six new models in the TDS3000B Series provide more power and portability to engineers and technicians faced with testing dynamic, complex signals in environments ranging from design labs to television studios to field troubleshooting applications.

The TDS3000B Series offers a host of new features aimed at users doing the hands-on work of electronic design, production, and maintenance. Among the most innovative of these is the new WaveAlert™ Waveform Anomaly Detection, which automatically detects anomalous waveforms. As a standard feature on every model in the TDS3000B Series, WaveAlert makes it easy to detect and take action against events that fall outside the normal repetitive patterns of waveform activity. Not only does it highlight the anomalous waveform, but it can also be programmed to beep, then stop acquisition and freeze the anomaly on the screen, save the anomalous wave to disk, or print a hardcopy of it. Whether the user is with the instrument or not, anomalies are detected. Tracking these "stray" events can help engineers quickly identify problems in their designs.

Also new to the TDS3000B Series is the e*Scope™ web-based remote control capability which enables remote instrument control via Internet browser, as well as information sharing and monitoring. The e*Scope web-based remote control feature facilitates contact with service technicians at distant customer sites, remote control by distributed engineering teams, and more. A built-in Ethernet connection is also provided as standard equipment on all models.

The TDS3000B Series is designed to accept up to four application modules at a time. The FFT (TDS3FFT) and triggering (TDS3TRG) modules are standard on all models in the TDS3000B series and five optional modules are currently available including telecom masks (TDS3TMT), video (TDS3VID, TDS3SDI), and the newly developed advanced analysis and limit testing. The TDS3AAM Advanced Analysis Module delivers the extended math capability engineers need for analyzing and characterizing their digital designs. The module adds several automated measurements as well as measurement statistics, arbitrary math expressions, and more. The TDS3LIM Limit Testing Module offers fast, simple verification that a circuit is operating within its intended parameters. Users may easily create waveform reference templates to compare with live waveforms or make comparisons of any number of input channels with any combination of four references.

Actions may also be set for the TDS3000B to take if a waveform strays outside the reference limits: stop acquisition, sound a beep, print a hardcopy, or save the waveform to disk. The TSD3LIM is good for manufacturing test and other repetitive testing applications where quick Go/No-Go Decision are required.

A new compact thermal printer, the TDS3PRT, plugs into the back panel of the TDS3000B instruments. The printer provides a means of documenting measurement results in the field or wherever the oscilloscope is used. The optional TDS3PRT draws its power from the instrument and is activated by a front-panel button on the TDS3000B