Tektronix, Inc. announced an automated instrumentation solution that seamlessly combines many of the company's proven logic analyzer and oscilloscope models, creating an integrated tool set for digital development and troubleshooting.

Obtaining a clear signal is a significant challenge for electronic designers working on digital systems because the complexity of these designs can degrade signal quality. The Tektronix Integrated View (iView) package makes it possible to routinely view time-correlated waveforms from oscilloscopes with bandwidths up to 4 GHz on the logic analyzer display, enabling engineers to quickly track down elusive signal integrity problems in their designs.

The new iView package includes TLA Application Software Version 4.1 and interconnect to integrate its TLA600 or TLA700 Series logic analyzers with external oscilloscopes in the high-performance TDS7000 Series, the TDS684C/694C, or the TDS3000 Series.

iView allows engineers complete visibility of their systems' signals, from analog waveforms to source code, helping to pinpoint signal integrity problems and their effects on the performance of evolving designs.

iView couples selected Tektronix TDS family oscilloscopes with TLA series logic analyzers, producing a solution that shows, on the same logic analyzer display, time-correlated views of both digital and analog waveforms. Set up is easy through the use of an external oscilloscope "wizard" in the TLA Series logic analyzer user interface which guides the user through set up and connection. No user calibration is required. And, once set up is completed, iView is completely automated.

iView provides the flexibility to use the logic analyzer and oscilloscope independently or together. Equally important, iView gives TLA Series logic analyzer users integrated access to the unmatched performance of the TDS7404 oscilloscope's 4 GHz bandwidth.

Using iView, engineers can capture fast analog waveform details and time-correlate them on the logic analyzer display with the equivalent digital events. The two types of waveforms can be superimposed, if desired. iView makes it easy to see how a faulty signal edge, for example, correlates with erroneous data revealed by the logic analyzer display.

An upgrade kit containing Version 4.1 TLA application software is available for current TLA600 and TLA700 Series logic analyzer users who want to add iView capabilities to their design bench. Tektronix, Inc., 14200 SW Karl Braun Drive, Beaverton, OR 97077;