Teledyne Relays' RF170 Series Centigrid® magnetic-latching DPDT (double-pole double-throw) relays are ideal for applications such as cellular base stations; tower-mounted amplifiers; Internet and wide-area network servers and routers; fiberoptic switches and routers; T1, frame relay and ISDN multiplexers; oscilloscopes; spectrum analyzers; signal generators; and semiconductor test equipment.

The RF170 Series relay is an ultraminiature, hermetically sealed relay featuring extremely low intercontact capacitance for exceptional RF performance up to 4 GHz. It is available in six coil voltages - 5, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 26.5 volts DC.

Its low profile height and grid of terminals spaced 0.1 inch apart make it ideal for applications where extreme packaging density or close PC board spacing is required.

The RF170 design has been optimized for use in RF attenuators, RF switch matrices and other applications requiring high isolation, low insertion loss (#0.3 dB at 4 GHz) and low VSWR.

Unique construction features and manufacturing techniques provide overall high reliability and excellent resistance to environmental extremes, including temperatures ranging from -55 ° C to 85 ° C.

The relay, which weighs 0.1 ounce, incorporates all-welded construction and a unique uniframe design that provides high magnetic efficiency and mechanical rigidity. It features high force/mass ratios for resistance to shock and vibration. Advanced cleaning techniques provide maximum assurance of internal cleanliness. In addition, gold-plated precious-metal alloy contacts ensure reliable DC switching from dry-circuit to 1/4 amp, as well as low, stable insertion loss.

The relay is ideally suited for applications where power dissipation must be minimized. The relays can be operated with a short-duration pulse. After the contacts have transferred, no external holding power is required.

The magnetic-latching feature of the RF70 Series provides a "memory" capability, because the relays will not reset upon removal of coil power. Teledyne Relays, 12525 Daphne Avenue, Hawthorne, CA 90250; (800) 809-3297;