VCOs are our business!

Z-Communications, Inc., is the largest domestic manufacturer of voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) for the RF & Microwave electronic marketplace. Our low-cost, high-performance signal sources range in frequency from 40 MHz to 6 GHz in a variety of innovative and low-cost surface-mount packages. Established in 1987, Z-Communications is located in San Diego, California, where we coordinate our manufacturing, sales, and engineering development activities.

Our dedicated focus on developing new and innovative products has set us apart as leaders in the VCO industry, helping us grow to become one of the leading global suppliers in the wireless telecommunications marketplace. Our patented CLV series of VCOs incorporates an exclusive ultra-low-noise technology that delivers unparalleled performance. Not only is performance our cornerstone for success, we also place a large focus on package miniaturization. Our latest achievement is evident by creating the world's smallest VCO. The new USSP product line, measuring only 0.2 inches× 0.2 inches× 0.06 inches, foretells the future of VCO development and implementation by utilizing the latest in thin-film and 0201/0107 component technologies.

In addition, Z-Communications responded to the ever-growing need for functional integration by delivering a high-performance, compact, phase-locked-loop solution: the PLL family of signal products. The PLL line of signal solutions incorporates advanced chip scale packaging technology along with our patented ultra-low-noise technology to deliver the quietest and most compact signal solutions from 100 to 2800 MHz. Additionally, the company has released a low-cost, high-performance line of antenna solutions for 900, 2400, and 5800 MHz ISM-band markets along with a line of low-cost filter modules for applications in the 5.8GHz UNI-II band.

Our products are geared to assist design engineers in implementing low-cost, fast-turnaround solutions for their most demanding communications applications. We feature numerous products in the 900, 2400, and 5800 MHz ISM bands along with off-the-shelf products for CATV, broadband fixed wireless, wideband CDMA/EDGE/GPRS base stations, and other low-cost markets. Z-Communications also offers customized product development to meet your exact performance, packaging, and pricing needs without NRE charges ... in the event one of our over 350 different products doesn't meet your needs exactly!

Z-Communications is the only domestic VCO manufacturer capable of competing in worldwide markets, so you can be assured that you will receive the best price-to-performance ratio anywhere! Complete in-house SMT lines and ATE insure a reliable and repeatable product for your most exacting requirements. We can also supply our products in tape-and-reel packaging for ease of use. We look forward to serving your signal source needs with the latest in manufacturing and performance technologies!

Z-Communications, Inc., can be reached by calling (858) 621-2700, or via fax at (858) 621-2722, or via email at Z-Communications can also be found on the Internet at