A leader in RF and Microwave Components And Subsystems Continues Its Growth

Advancements in both technology and manufacturing capability are happening more frequently now than at any time in Trilithic's 15-year history.

For example, just this year...
The company announced formation of a Wireless Division, dedicated exclusively to delivering products tailored for wireless communications applications, and located in an expanded facility near the company's headquarters in Indianapolis. The decision to separate the company's wireless development and manufacturing was based on a steady growth in wireless product sales.

Trilithic Asia Co. Ltd., a wholly own subsidiary of Trilithic Inc., was incorporated in the Kingdom of Thailand in January 2001. This manufacturing facility was formed by Trilithic to add increased manufacturing capabilities and to provide a base for sales and marketing activities to support growing sales in the Asian region.

Global distribution with Richardson Electronics - a contract has been signed with Richardson Electronics to distribute the products of the Wireless Division. Richardson will buy, stock and resell Trilithic products globally, bringing a higher level of service to our customers worldwide.

Trilithic Personified
Trilithic is a privately held manufacturer of RF and microwave components, subsystems, and dedicated test solutions for commercial, industrial, and military applications. The company was formed in 1987. It has grown from two microwave designers to a major manufacturer with customers throughout the world, more than 190 employees, and multiple facilities. The company was in the top 10 in 1993 in the INC 500, Inc magazine's annual award for the top 500 fastest growing companies. And Trilithic is currently building a new 120,000 corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Indianapolis.

Trilithic was founded on the premise that technological innovation must be nurtured. As a result, research and development activities are given a high priority at Trilithic, and the result has been a continuing stream of products that exceed the capabilities of their competitors.

Exceeding The Limit: Two Examples
For example, the company has developed a technique for miniaturization of components such as RF and microwave electromechanical switch matrices that dramatically reduce size, while maintaining a high level of power handling ability, exceptionally low isolation, and low insertion loss.

While most switch manufacturers long ago assumed they had achieved the minimum size limit, Trilithic broke through the barrier and reduced them further. The achievement was the result of technological innovation and the efforts of Trilithic designers to find new ways to solve traditional RF and microwave problems for its commercial, industrial, and military customers.

Trilithic's rugged high performance 50 ohm miniature 2 watt DC to 3 GHz RF rotary step attenuators.

Another area that set Trilithic apart was its recent development of a dielectric resonator filter that delivers the extremely high performance necessary for wireless base stations operating in the PCS bands. The filter characteristics required in these systems has often required the use of High-Temperature Superconductor (HTS) filters, which are very expensive and require cryogenic cooling.

Through use of several novel design techniques, Trilithic developed a dielectric resonator filter that delivers unloaded Q in excess of 50,000, never accomplished before outside a superconducting environment. The resulting filter is far less expensive and much smaller and lighter, while sacrificing nothing in performance.

Trilithic Products
Trilithic has a quarter-century history of product design and development in both the RF/ microwave and hybrid fiber/coax distribution industries. Trilithic products are regarded to be some of the best available anywhere. In some sectors of HFC testing, Trilithic products are used as a standard by which others are judged.

Product groups at Trilithic include:

RF And Microwave Components: Duplexers, diplexers, multiplexers, power dividers, delay lines, preselectors, attenuations, terminations, DC blocks, detectors, and transmission line components. The company's filter products span every type — from dielectric resonator, combline, cavity, miniature LC, to tubular for transmit and receive applications — as well as surface-mount models.

Signal Routing And Conditioning Products: GPIB-controlled attenuators, filter banks, switch matrices, and multiplexers, as well as multi-function products.

SubSystems For ATE: Custom products that help enable automated testing of wireless, CATV, satellite, radar, and military communications systems.

HFC Distribution Test Equipment: Instruments designed to testing forward and return paths of CATV systems both in the field and at the head end. Proper operation of cable modems depend on this capability.

High-Volume Manufacturing
Trilithic has continuously expanded its manufacturing capabilities to accommodate the greater demand for its products, both through streamlining design and development as well as automating manufacturing and test processes. As a result, Trilithic now has the ability to manufacture many of its products in the high volumes required by commercial applications. In addition, the company is expanding its manufacturing capabilities — both at its main facility and in the new facility dedicated to manufacture of wireless components. Future expansion in the U. S. is planned as well.

Come Talk To Us
More than technology, more than manufacturing, Trilithic has succeeded because of its commitment to customers. The company receives an exceptionally high level of repeat business and referrals from customers who are proud to recommend its products. Call Trilithic with your design challenge and find out why.

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