High performance cable & interconnect systems

Company Description and Markets Served Tensolite High-Performance Cable and Interconnect Systems is an advanced manufacturer and designer of high performance cable, high density interconnects and RF/Microwave interconnects and cable assemblies.

For over 59 years Tensolite has been providing design support and innovative techniques with hands-on engineering to solve interconnect and cabling issues. We have located our manufacturing, engineering, and sales offices around the world to provide fast, innovative solutions to our customers. We are committed to bringing technology and quality of high-performance cable and interconnects to today's competitive and evolving communication markets.

Semi-Rigid Replacement Cable - Tensolite's Q-Flex cable does not change insertion loss during flexing.

Tensolite's design staff provides valuable recommendations for both product improvements and innovative solutions to help meet customers electrical and mechanical specifications. We have satisfied a myriad of requirements for RF/Microwave interconnects from low VSWR phase-matched interconnects, to high volume bulk cable production orders. Our extensive engineering group continues to improve their reputation for meeting a wide range of product specifications in addition to keeping pace with technological advances. The products and services we provide are as diverse as the industry we service.

Our pioneering research, breakthrough concepts, pushing the envelope on capabilities makes tomorrow's technology possible from Tensolite. We are constantly establishing new industry standards and processes. Our design staff has patented revolutionary new products for faster speed, lower skew, lower loss, greater flexibility, better interconnections and longer life. Making wires lighter, finer, more resistant to the elements. Tensolite has found creative ways to make the impossible possible. It means providing products that fulfill the customer's needs.

Few companies are more driven to excel at providing customers with cable and interconnect solutions that will open doors to their next leap forward in performance. Tensolite has made it easier to order, re-supply, invoice, inventory and assure total quality. JIT delivery, dock-to-stock, EDI we provide service above and beyond the expected. Tensolite is all these things and more!

Tensolite is recognized the world over for setting the standards in speed, safety, and reliability with high-performance wire, cable, cable assemblies and connectors. Tensolite is meeting interconnect needs in manufacturing and custom specified configurations for the Wireless Telecommunications, Automatic Test Equipment, Test and Measurement Equipment, High-End Servers, and Cellular Infrastructure markets. We believe in setting aggressive targets and working hard to meet them.

We have exceeded our 15 percent target for growth in both earnings and sales. Our strategy is based on solving problems and providing a complete interconnect solution to our customers. We have been able to utilize our highly trained personnel and state-of-art equipment to provide unique custom solutions resulting in managed sales growth.

SMA Anti-Torque Plug prevents transmission of torque from connector to cable during installation.

We invite you to call or visit our web page at Tensolite has the solutions for your challenging high performance data transmission applications and RF/Microwave packaging concepts.

Tensolite Products
LLF Coaxial Cables
(Low Loss Flexible)
Q-Flex® and Q-Flex®
Low Insertion Loss, Optimized VSWR,
Excellent Shielding Effectiveness, Excellent
Phase Stability Over Flex and Temperature

LLF-1087 Q-Flex 461 Cable .086 diameter
LLF-1141 Q-Flex 463 Cable .141 diameter
LLF-1250 Q-Flex 465 Cable .250 diameter

RF/Microwave Connectors
Advanced Manufacturer of 50 ohm and 75 ohm connectors

SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX, MMCX, TNC, BNC, Type F, Type N, 7/16, SSMA, SSMB, 3.5MM, 7MM, 2.4MM, Custom RF/Microwave Connectors

RF/Microwave Cable Assemblies
Flexible RF Cable Assemblies
Semi Rigid RF Cable Assemblies
Semi-Flex® Conformable™ Assemblies
Coax Cable Harnesses
Phase Matched Cable Assemblies
Delay Lines
Printed Circuit Board Assembly

RF/Mil Spec Coaxial Cable
Consistent and reliable coax cable with mechanical and electrical characteristics that are always reproducible.
DS-316: Double Shielded Improved RG-316
RG-179: M17/094-RG179
RG-180: M17/095-RG180
RG-393: M17/127-RG393
RG-400: M17/128-RG400
RG-178: M17/093-RG178
RG-142: M17/060-RG142
QMI-301: Flexible Low Loss

Semi-Rigid Replacement Cable
Unique ALTERNATIVE to Semi-Rigid - Tin filled wire braid outer conductor allows easy flexing and re-bending by hand while maintaining electrical performance comparable to Semi-Rigid.
Semi-Flex® (Tin Filled Wire Braid)
.047, .086, .141, .250
Semi-Flex Plus® (Tin Filled Wire Braid Jacketed w/Polyurethane)
.047, .086, .141
Semi-Flex II® (Aluminum)
.086, .141

Z-Skew High Speed Data

Custom Combo D-Sub Cable Harnessing with Size 8 RF Contacts. Whether you need a small quantity or high volume, Tensolite can build a competitively priced complex harness.

Z-Skew Fibre Channel Cable
Z-Skew Gigabit Ethernet Cable

Tensolite Manufacturing Facilities

Tensolite Corporate Headquarters
100 Tensolite Drive
St. Augustine, FL 32092
(800) 458-9960; (904) 829-5600
(904) 824-6704(fax)

Tensolite Performance Cable
St. Augustine, FL 32092
(800) 458-9960; (904) 824-6704 (fax)

Tensolite CARLISLE
High-Performance Cable and Interconnect
Systems Mexico
Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico
(800) 458-9960

RF/Microwave Interconnects
Andover, MA 01810
(800) 362-3539; (978) 475-1583 (fax)

Tensolite Precision Harness & Assembly
Vancouver, WA 98661
(877) 864-8735; (360) 694-9230 (fax)

Newest member to the family:
Tensolite CDI
Connecting Devices
Long Beach, CA 90815
(562) 498-0901; (562) 494-0955 (fax)