Who we are...

Spirent Communications is the world leader in performance analysis and network management solutions for wireless and wireline communication equipment. Our solutions provide test capabilities across the next-generation wireless network; including air interface emulation, network monitoring, and infrastructure analysis.

Within Spirent Communications, the Performance Analysis Division designs and manufactures an award-winning portfolio of comprehensive and integrated solutions, addressing the principal technologies of existing and emerging networks. The Network Monitoring Division provides network management and service assurance solutions for today's complex web of interdependent network technologies, vendors and services.

Together, Spirent Communications' solutions accelerate the development and minimize the deployment risk of next-generation wireless communications technologies and services for the world's leading Network and Terminal Equipment Manufacturers and Service Providers.

Spirent Communications Wireless
3G Test Solutions
Spirent Communications test solutions address test requirements for all elements of the wireless network. We give our customers a competitive advantage by ensuring a thoroughly tested product is deployed in the minimum timeframe.

Air Interface Performance
Analysis Solutions
•Characterize the air interface performance of wireless terminals and infrastructure equipment
•Deliver the critical features required for successful product development, design verification, and deployment
•Simplify physical layer and protocol layer evaluation with integrated instruments and systems
•Address requirements of 2G, 2.5G and 3G technologies such as IS-95, IS-136, GPRS, W-CDMA, cdma2000, EDGE and location services
•Reduce time to market with complete terminal deployment and field test solutions

Infrastructure/Network Performance
Analysis Solutions
•Perform functional and stress testing of the Radio Access Network and Core Network
•Carry out protocol emulation and decoding for Packet Switched and Circuit Switched Control/Data plane performance testing.
•Test Quality of Service measurements such as frame loss, latency, and latency variation for data transmission
•Evaluate performance of the Mobile IP network by simulating signaling traffic and data transmission
•Identify the capabilities of Mobile IP routers to handle features such as reverse tunneling and user authentication
•Verify performance changes when using features such as route optimization and smooth handover

Network Monitoring/Service
Assurance Solutions
•Help keep cell sites up and running through intelligent management of transport facilities
•Remotely isolate and identify faulty transmission facilities with MSC-based convenience
•Distinguish problems in the network from leased-line or microwave link interruptions
•Monitor and document service performance from leased-line service providers
•Manage test and restoration workflow
•Proactively monitor network element performance to stop service losses before they happen

Contacts & Product Information

Adtech Division
3465 Waialae Ave. Suite 200
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816, USA
800-348-0080 (US) or 1 (808) 734-3300

AX/4000 Broadband Test System - High performance test solutions of ATM, IP, Frame Relay Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet providing transmission performance and QoS analysis at full line rate and in real time

GSS Division
Aspen Way, Paignton, Devon
TQ4 7QR England
44 (0) 1803 546300

STR 4500/STR 4760 GPS Simulators - The world leaders in GPS signal simulation for wireless location testing

PtP - W-CDMA protocol test solutions

Hekimian Division
15200 Omega Drive,
Rockville, MD 20850 USA
877.OSS.TEST (US) or 1 (301) 590-3600

REACT 2001™ OSS - World's most widely-deployed remote test solution; combining monitoring, testing and workflow management capabilities within a single GUI

PM Integrator™ OSS - Automatically captures, analyzes and reports network element performance

BRTU - Multiuser, multifunction test system for remote access, monitoring and testing of DS0/DS1/DS3 and E1/E3 circuits

eDTAU - Full-time, nonintrusive, bi-directional DS1 performance monitoring and test access within a single shelf

SmartBits Division
26750 Agoura Road
Calabasas, CA 91302 USA
(800) 863-8266 (US) or 1 (818) 676-2300

TeraMobileIP - Mobile IP testing device used to test the performance of Mobile IP components such as the Home Agent, the Foreign Agent, and the entire Mobile IP network

TAS Division
541 Industrial Way West
Eatontown, NJ 07724 USA
1 (732) 544-8700

TAS 4500 RF Channel Emulator -
World's standard for propagation emulation; addresses all of the dynamic channel models required by 2.5G and 3G specifications

TAS 4600 Noise & Interference Emulator-

TAS 5600 Universal Interference Emulator - Together deliver the most accurate co- and adjacent channel interference emulation for precise 2.5G and 3G receiver performance analysis

C2k AirAccess-

Comprehensive CDMA network emulation enables protocol testing of IS-95 and cdma2000 terminals

CDMA-ATS - Complete, integrated test bench for the automatic characterization of CDMA terminal physical layer performance


CDMA terminal diagnostic monitor provides real-time over-the-air analysis and logging of critical IS-95 and cdma2000 parameters

UniversalPST - Pioneering tool optimizes CDMA terminal deployment by provisioning any terminal from a single software application