Competence in radio communication and measurements

Rohde & Schwarz is an internationally active company concerned with radio communications and measuring equipment. Founded in 1933, for the past 60 years the company group has been developing, producing and selling a wide variety of electronic investment goods. Company headquarters are in Munich.

With 5000 employees worldwide and an international network of sales organizations, the Rohde & Schwarz company group attained a turnover of about DM 1,6 billion in the business year 1999/2000. The company is to a great extent export-oriented: about two thirds of the total turnover is achieved outside Germany, more than half of it outside Europe. Because of the technological edge of its products, Rohde & Schwarz is a market leader in many of its business fields. A decisive factor for this success is the high qualification of the company's staff.

Rohde & Schwarz is active in altogether seven business fields:
•mobile radio (communication and measurements)
•TV and sound broadcasting (communication and measurements)
•EMC measurements
•general-purpose measurements
•radio monitoring and analysis
•radio communications

As a pioneer in the field of mobile-radio measurements, the company introduced its first 'intelligent' radio tester as early as in 1974. Today, Rohde & Schwarz is the European market leader for mobile-radio test equipment with a comprehensive program of measuring instruments and systems for analog and digital mobile radio. The Munich company played an important role in the development of the European digital mobile-radio standards GSM (global system for mobile communications) and PCN (Personal Communications Network): the test equipment for the approval of GSM and PCN mobile telephones and special mobile test systems for determining optimum sites for base stations were supplied by Rohde & Schwarz. In addition to the type-approval test systems, Rohde & Schwarz provides a full range of measuring equipment and systems for GSM and PCN base stations and mobile phones.

For more than 40 years Rohde & Schwarz has been concerned with Sound and TV broadcasting equipment. Today, the company supplies turnkey TV and FM sound broadcasting networks, monitoring and analyzer systems for TV and sound broadcasting networks as well as a wide range of measuring instruments and systems for audio and video applications. Rohde & Schwarz is also involved in the implementation of the digital audio broadcast system DAB and the digital video Broadcast system (DVB).

Rohde & Schwarz is leading on the world market for EMC measuring instruments and systems. The company supplies high-precision test receivers, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, amplifiers and antennas for measuring EMI and EMS of electric and electronic components in machines, vehicles, etc. Rohde & Schwarz also designed complete turnkey EMC test stations for users such as the car industry or technical services and supplied all required measuring equipment.

Laboratory and general-purpose test equipment from Rohde & Schwarz reflects the present state of the art in many fields of application. Signal generators, spectrum and network analyzers, voltmeters and power meters, AF analyzers, and function generators from Rohde & Schwarz are used worldwide in development laboratories, production plants and service centers in industry and by research institutes and authorities.

As regards radio monitoring and signal analysis, Rohde & Schwarz can look back on decades of experience on the development and production of direction finders, receivers and antennas. For instance, the DF system of the new Munich airport has been supplied by Rohde & Schwarz. The company offers complete measuring and monitoring systems which permit authorities and security services to monitor national and international radio communication.

In the field of radio communications, Rohde & Schwarz is one of the leading European manufacturers of VHF/UHF ground and onboard radio systems for air-traffic control. For more than 30 years the company has been developing and producing systems for ATC and airborne radio communication. Presently, ATC authorities in more than 70 countries rely on Rohde & Schwarz communication equipment. Rohde & Schwarz also develops HF and VHF voice and data transceivers for airborne communication. The shortwave radio network used by the German Department of Foreign Affairs for keeping in touch with embassies all over the world is also a Rohde & Schwarz product. Security services, too, use shortwave radio systems developed and produced by Rohde & Schwarz.

Optimum service and comprehensive training is rated highly. In Cologne, the company maintains one of Europe's largest service centers for maintenance and calibration of measuring instruments and radio equipment. At this center the company's own products as well as third-party instruments and systems are serviced, tested and repaired. In its capacity as approved calibrator, Rohde & Schwarz calibrates measuring instruments for electric and non-electric parameters. The staff at the Cologne plant performs training on instruments and systems, carries out fundamental training or retraining courses in compliance with customer requirements in Cologne or at the customers' location worldwide. In addition, Rohde & Schwarz prepares technical documentation for all kinds of products and systems to customer's orders. Rohde & Schwarz is servicing the customer requirements with agencies or representatives in more than 70 countries worldwide.

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