Lumex is announcing its new line of printed circuit (PC) board-level indicators utilizing the latest light-emitting diode (LED) chip technologies. These devices are being offered in more styles, colors, and options than previously available from any supplier. They can be used as board-level status indicators and fault indicators, warning or alarm lights, circuit fault or status indicators, circuit troubleshooting indicators, as post lighting for switches and keyboards, or for backlighting overlays.

Lumex's LED board-level indicators available in hundreds of different models, most based on the latest AlInGaP chip technology. These chips provide a full range of colors, high brightness levels, and the ability to operate with current levels as low as 1-5mA.

Designers can choose from devices having round 2,3, or 5mm lenses, plus a variety of square and rectangular versions--with a wide range of packaging options and different lead styles. Some models are functional equivalents to units made by other prominent manufacturers.

Lumex board-level indicators with 2mm round LEDs are available with 1,2,3,4,8 or 12 LEDs, in a choice of in-line or tower (stacked) configurations. Color choices include red, orange, green, yellow, and blue, plus many combinations of these colors in a single unit. Additional variations include black or gray holders, internal resistors for 5V or 12V operations, and a blinking option for many models.

Lumex board-level indicators with 3mm round LEDs are available with, 1,2,3,4, or 8 LEDs, in in-line or tower configurations. All the color choices and variations from the 2mm series are also available for 3mm series, plus bi-color units, electrostatic discharge (ESD)-safe units, and units which can be mated together to form an indicator with any number of LEDs.

Lumex board-level indicators with 5mm round LEDs are available with 1,2,4, or 8 LEDs, in in-line or tower configuration. All the color choices and variations from the 2mm series are also available for the 5mm series, plus bi-color units, mateable units, and a choice of hi-or standard-intensity LEDs.

Lumex board-level indicators are also offered with square and rectangular lenses. These units can contain 1,2, or 8 LEDs, the duals and quads are available in tower versions only. All colors choices are available, plus options such as blinking units and mateable packaging for many models. These board-level indicators are the latest addition to Lumex's eLEDs line of discrete LEDs.