UNIPOWER's new PowerCassette® multi-output switching supply employs a unique, new cellular architecture (rather than modular) that permits quick factory programming of its outputs to meet virtually any requirement. The unit provides up to six outputs, including a 5VDCm 1-ampere independent standby. Maximum continuous power is 600 watts; available output voltages are from 1.2VDC to 24VDC. This advanced design supersedes the older "modular" type architecture and provides features targeted at today's networking, storage and communications systems. The design provides a customer-configured, agency-approved supply in short order without NRE charges or delays.

PowerCassette anticipates the likely hierarchy of voltages and currents plus the "bells and whistles" demanded by 90% of typical networking, storage and communications requirements in the 400-600 watt power range. This design-for-manufacturability approach offers the immediacy of the building block concept with the small size and reduced cost benefit associated with a full custom design.

Significant features of the PowerCassette include an ultra-compact, low profile case measuring 1.6 inches high, 5 inches wide and 11 inches deep, giving 6.8 watts per cubic inch power density, a breakthrough in multi-output design.

Integral ball bearing fans cool the unit. Other key features include a single input/output connector for hot-swap applications, output ORing diodes and single-wire current sharing. Power factor correction, Class B EMI input filter, remote sensing, worldwide AC input range, no minimum loads and adjustable outputs are all standard features built into this product. With the exception of power components, PowerCassette consists almost entirely of high-density, surface-mount components.

A notable feature, optionally available on PowerCassette, is an 12C series data bus output, which provides for real-time monitoring of output voltages, output currents, internal temperature and fan speeds. This feature is available to interface with the host system through an available standard 1U, 11 redundant rack or directly form the output connector on the power supply.

PowerCassette's proprietary architecture employs four standard internal power cells: one for the input filter, rectifier and power factor converter, and three others for pre-configured single and multi-output DC-to-DC converters. For a given requirement each specified output is assigned at the factory to the optimum DC-to-DC converter cell, which is then programmed to the specific output voltage. The power cells provide two high-current, one medium current and two low-current outputs.

The key advantage of PowerCassette is fat time-to-market with a final, flexible and cost-effective power solution. PowerCassette eliminates the cost burden of modular designs with retaining the flexibility.