The MFS series of low-power Microwave Frequency Synthesizers from Elcom Technologies, Inc., consumes 8 watts of power making it ideal for applications requiring wider operating temperatures for use alongside smaller power supplies.

The compact devices employ a single module design implemented with CMOS ASIC's, advanced MMIC's and a dedicated microprocessor. A KU-band synthesizer with 1 kHz step 2.2 GHz bandwidth and integrated L-band LFLO consumes 8 watts — a 65% savings over competing units.

Ruggedized and field tested for operation over a wide temperature, shock and vibration range, the synthesizers meet the requirements of IESS 308, Eutelsat and MIL-STD188-146.

Small size (7.7 inches 3 5.5 inches), a low 0.73 inch profile construction and 20 dB less than IESS phase noise specifications make the MFS series suitable for applications in SATCOM converters (L, X, Ku and Ka Bands), Digital Radios (C, X and Ku Bands), Instrumentation and Wireless Communications.

Additional specifications for the MFS Series include: frequency range from 0.5 to 23 GHz (in Bands); switching speed is < 50 msec.; output power range from 12 to 18 dBm; spurious output is -70 dBc; harmonics is -20 dBc; frequency control is BCD, Serial RS-232 or RS-485; DC power is 12/18 V DC -250 mA, 8/18 V DC 550 mA.

In addition, the MFS Series can be customized with our automated, high-volume manufacturing capabilities to meet your special applications.
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