A technology leader in micro packaged quartz frequency control products

Micro Crystal, Switzerland, a Company of the Swatch Group, is a technological leader in the micro crystal and oscillator industries. Formed in 1978, Micro Crystal began manufacturing SMD and thru hole quartz crystals and oscillators. Today Micro Crystal is recognized world-wide for low-power, high quality components and for manufacturing the world's smallest and lightest precision quartz crystals and oscillators.

The main manufacturing facility in Grenchen, Switzerland, is ISO 9001 certified and utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure the high quality Micro Crystal's customers have come to expect. Micro Crystal produces chemically milled quartz resonators of different shapes and functions. These include: tuning forks, length extentional resonators, thickness shear AT strips, inverted mesa high frequency fundamental mode, and vibrating crystal sensors. All crystals are etched out of accurately machined wafers using a well proven photolithographic batch process.

Inherent in all of Micro Crystal's products are:
•Low power dissipation
•Low voltage operation
•Excellent stability over temperature range
•High shock and vibration resistance

The CC1F, high frequency (up to 212.5 MHz) fundamental mode crystals, are perfect for high speed communication systems. Applications include fibre optic telecommunications, gigabit Ethernet, 10 base T, and frame relay.

Micro Crystal's products are used in a variety of markets including the wireless, communication, semiconductor, medical electronics, aerospace, automotive, GPS computer, and watch industries. The products are available in various packages to meet each application's requirements and they can be shipped in tape and reel or bulk. Recognizing the trend towards surface mounting technology (SMT) assembly, Micro Crystal offers a wide variety of SMD packages.

Micro Crystal's crystal product line includes:
•The world's smallest ceramic SMD crystal
• 1.5 × 5 and 2 × 6 mm metal can crystals
•AT cut crystals
•High frequency fundamental mode crystals
•Frequencies from 10 kHz to 200 MHz
•SMD and thru-hole packages

This OCXO in a small 14 pin DIL package is the smallest and lightest product available.

Micro Crystal's oscillator product line includes:
•The world's smallest and lightest OCXO
•Tight stability VCXOs
• 14 pin DIL packaged Clock Oscillators
•Ceramic SMD packages
•Frequencies from 1 Hz to 160 MHz

Micro Crystal produces products for the medical industry including implantable grade crystals.

The engineering and design teams at Micro Crystal strive to design reliability and quality into every product. Each department works closely with their customers to bring exceptional products to market in a shorter amount of time.

Micro Crystal is ready to serve you world-wide with technical data and design assistance.

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