Leading the way in transmission line solutions

Over the last 40 years, MICRO-COAX has built a reputation for manufacturing the finest microwave cable products available. Today's spiraling wireless communications marketplace has allowed MICRO-COAX to bring this expertise to a wider range of applications than ever before.

Today's MICRO-COAX products range from semi-rigid cables to flexible cables, delay lines, and miniature coaxial components. In addition, MICRO-COAX is one of the few microwave cable manufacturers with the ability to deliver a wide range of space-qualified products designed to meet or exceed the stringent requirements imposed by NASA and international space agencies.

TQM And ISO 9002
MICRO-COAX was one of the first microwave cable manufacturers to adopt the Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy throughout its facilities, and is an ISO 9002 company. In addition, MICRO-COAX employs a computerized quality maintenance program certified to MIL-STD-45662 that provides constant calibration compliance through the use of inspection tools and instrumentation. The MICRO-COAX facility is also certified to MIL-Q-9858, and all soldering activities are certified to MIL-STD-2000, ANSI/J-STD-001, and NHB 5300.4 (3A-2). Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques monitor product quality, and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) II plans and controls the manufacturing process.

New 90,000 square foot facility

First In Space, Too
MICRO-COAX has manufactured high-reliability products for in-orbit spaceflight applications for more than 30 years. Today's satellite communications market demands an ever greater range of products, and MICRO-COAX has made the research and development commitment to ensure that these needs are met.

Some of our hi-rel and space-qualified capabilities include:

• Assemblers trained and certified to NASA's NHB 5300.4 (3A-2) hand soldering spec.
• Class 100 clean room for assembly and Class 1000 clean room for inspection, x-ray, and packaging.
• Packages purged and backfilled with nitrogen before heat-sealing.
• Multipaction-resistant connectors that meet NASA and ESTEC guidelines.
• UTiFLEX cable assemblies with radiation-resistant carbon-loaded Tefzel® jacket.
• Passive intermodulation resistant connector and cable designs.
• UTiFLEX Ultralight Low Loss Cable Assemblies utilize DuPont® Aracon® metal clad fiber for the outer shield. The result: 25% less weight as compared to copper braided cable, and strength five times greater than steel.

Products For Every Application
Today's MICRO-COAX product line has breadth and depth unmatched elsewhere. From cellular to PCS, and radar to spaceflight, there's a MICRO-COAX product that perfectly fills the need. In addition to hi-rel and space-qualified cables and assemblies, MICRO-COAX offers the following products:

Miniature UTiFLEX™ Cable

Clean room assembly for hi-rel and space

MICRO-COAX Delay Lines

Semi-rigid Cables and Assemblies
• 74 standard semi-rigid cables, many deliverable from stock
• 25 QPL models
• Low-loss models that utilize low-density PTFE for exceptional phase stability, no expansion of dielectric, greater power handling capability, and broader operating temperature range
• Impedance from 5 to 125 ohms and sizes from 0.008 to 0.750 in.
• 100% RF shielding
• Low VSWR

Custom Delay Lines
• Broad library of configurations ensures the shortest delivery time in the industry
• Perfect choice for wireless base stations
• Tightest phase delay tolerances available

UTiFLEX Flexible Cables
• Exceptional performance to 50 GHz
• Lowest loss
• Excellent shielding performance
• Low cost
• Superb amplitude and phase stability
• Cables designed exclusively for critical demands of automatic network analyzers
• Available with a wide variety of connectors for operation up to 18 GHz
• Ultralight cables available

Mobile Handset Cables
• Very low insertion loss can increase talk time
• Precision-formed and fabricated
• Repeatable high-volume production
• Cable diameters to 0.031 in. and smaller
• Low-loss, high-temperature cables for reflow and pick-and-place applications

Miniature Coaxial Components

MICRO-COAX Wireless Components

• Designed for use as resonators in VCO/DRO tank circuits, impedance inverters, transmission line filters, and time-delay elements, and as shielded interconnects
• Low profile, high Q, high isolation
• Surface mountable
• 0.047 in., 0.085 in., and 0.141 in. dia.

UTiFORM Tin-Dipped Hand Formable Microwave Cable
• No bend tooling required
• Form and route at installation
• Tinned outer conductor for improved solderability
• Accepts standard semi-rigid connectors
• Low attenuation and VSWR
• Available with Low Density Dielectric

Our Customer Commitment
Micro-Coax may have grown in size and capabilities over the years, but its commitment to application and technical support remains the same: To deliver the finest microwave cable products in the world, in the shortest possible time, while providing the highest level of customer service.

To find out more about MICRO-COAX and how our products can help in your application, please call us at (800) 223-2629, or send us a fax at (610) 495-6656, or visit us online at

Aracon® and Tefzel® are DuPont® registered trademarks.