A Greater Measure of Confidence

Keithley Instruments provides electrical measurement solutions to telecommunications, semiconductor, and other high-growth electronic component manufacturers and research laboratories worldwide. We specialize in highly accurate, extremely low level measurements for process monitoring, high-throughput production testing, and applied research applications. Keithley products are unmatched in providing accurate, reliable data related to the electrical, physical, and periodic phenomena they test, measure, monitor, and verify. Drawing on a long history of measurement expertise and innovation, Keithley is the only company offering all three basic test and measurement architectures: automated measurement systems, plug-in boards for PC-based testing, and traditional benchtop instruments.

The new 2000/2001 Catalog has nearly 700 pages of computer-based test and measurement solutions for a wide array of applications.

Putting Telecommunications to the Test
One of the fastest growing areas of the telecommunications market is the wireless sector. Keithley offers test solutions that address manufacturers' most pressing test and measurement needs higher throughput speeds, more functionality in less space, greater portability, higher instrument sensitivity, increased bandwidths, lower power consumption, and more onboard intelligence.

Typical telecommunications application hybrid microwave/analog/digital signal routing system.

Microwave Signal Routing: System 40 and System 41 microwave signal routing systems are available in both standard and custom configurations to provide solutions up to 40 GHz. Design assistance is available to address unique test requirements. These flexible turnkey solutions enable cost-effective automated systems that can include both low frequency and high frequency switching, as well as the integration of other microwave components, such as attenuators and couplers.

Battery Simulation: Series 2300 power supplies respond to the fast transitions of wireless handsets from standby mode to full power transmit/receive operating mode. They emulate the performance of the battery that will power the portable device. These supplies can simulate a battery's internal resistance, measure receive and transmit load current pulses, sink current to simulate a discharged battery, and combine two channels into a half-rack enclosure. By combining all these capabilities into a single box, the Series 2300 line reduces the number of instruments in the test rack.

Keithley THD Multimeters are optimized to perform fast frequency sweeps for characterizing audio-band circuitry in production test systems.

Automated Switching: The Keithley Series 7000 switch line allows manufacturers to switch power signals, control signals, audio signals, and high-frequency signals up to 2 GHz. Four compact mainframes combine with more than 40 switching cards to offer high switching density.

Audio Quality Assessment: Verifying audio performance is one of the most time-consuming tasks involved in testing a telecommunications device. The Keithley 2015 and 2016 distortion analyzers measure frequency response and distortion quickly to minimize audio test time. Each instrument also boasts a full-featured DMM.

Innovative Customer Solutions
Keithley engineers have consistently created award-winning product designs that set industry-wide benchmarks for lower cost and better performance. We spend more than 10% of sales revenues on product development to make sure our customers have a steady stream of new products. Building on this rich legacy of innovation and technological achievement, Keithley's product solutions offer much more than hardware measurement performance. Our products are based on three essential principles:

Maximizing Options for Customers
Keithley is the only company offering all three basic test and measurement architectures. Therefore, we can build customers precisely what they choose, rather than forcing customers to select from what we choose to build.

Integrated Hardware/Software Solutions
Simply put, we do everything we can to make testing and measuring as quick, simple, and straightforward as possible.

Integrity, Accuracy and Precision
Our goal is to outperform all our competitors and provide unparalleled value in solving our customers' most demanding test and measurement needs.

Keithley's Growth Strategy
Our sales growth is tied to telecommunications, semiconductors, optoelectronics, and other fast growing technologies. These industries are characterized by rapid product design cycles, uncompromising quality standards, high electronic content, and a continuous drive for miniaturization. Keithley engineers and executives work closely with customers in these industries to develop mission-critical solutions for their emerging (and always evolving) test and measurement needs. These close relationships allow us to develop a deeper understanding of our customers' business processes, so we can provide better solutions for their business challenges, not just one more measurement instrument.

Keithley Instruments, Inc. can be reached by calling (440) 248-0400 or by faxing (440) 248-6168. Visit Keithley Instruments on the Internet at or via email at