The impossible made simple

IMS was incorporated under the laws of the State of Rhode Island in April of 1974.

In the 25 years that it has been in business, IMS has become one of the most respected suppliers of chip resistors and chip attenuators tot he electronics industry. Our attention to detail and unsurpassed customer service have earned us the respect and admiration of our customers and our competitors.

IMS currently serves over 850 active customers and employs 43 skilled and dedicated people.

Service and Products
Primarily a thick film device manufacturer, IMS has produced chip resistors, chip attenuators, and hybrid patterned substrates. Resistors are available in values from 1 milliohm to 1 teraohm in a variety of mounting styles. Terminations are available in platinum/silver or platinum/gold (with or without solder coating) and gold only. Attenuators are available from 0 dB to 10 dB.

Wraparound chip resistors are available in all industry standard sizes from 0302 to 4418. IMS also supplies a complete line of single sided chip resistors ranging in size from 0.030 inches× 0.45 inches to 0.620 inches× 0.270 inches. Custom thick film resistors and resistor arrays are also offered. Variations using a single wraparound with a full or partial groundplane are available.

Our full line of partial wraparound chip resistors usable at frequencies to beyond 40 GHz is an industry leader. These resistors are designed to be mounted face down on a PC board or hybrid substrate resulting in extremely low insertion loss, extended frequency response, and minimal reflected power. The partial wraparound allows for easy inspection of the solder fillet versus a single side chip resistor where the solder connection may be difficult or impossible to see.

A thin film microwave chip attenuator in the 0805 size is available. Thin film resistors are offered in the 0402 to 1206 sizes.

Physical Plant
Sales, marketing, finance and administration, engineering, production and stock are located at our facility in Portsmouth, RI, USA. Plans have been drawn for a new office building which will allow for a doubling of production capacity in the existing facility.

IMS maintains onsite-testing labs for the engineering and quality assurance departments. An RF anechoic chamber is maintained on site for the purpose of accurate measurement of our gigohm and teraohm products. IMS also contracts the services of an independent microwave testing and consulting firm for the purposes of verifying the performance of our microwave and RF products.

Temperature Variable Chip Attenuator
The latest new product from IMS is a temperature variable chip attenuator. The AV-0805 I surface mountable and is intended for solder attachment. It is available in 1 dB steps from 1 to 10 dB. Impendence is 50Ω and power dissipation is 100 mW. VSWR is <= 1.3:1. Each of the attenuation values is available in nine different temperature characteristics (N1 through N9). The AV-0805 is ideal for use in small signal applications where an intentional change in attenuation over temperature is desired. Please contact the factory for samples, information, and production lead times.

Ultra-low Ohms
Recent advances in thick film technology and resistor design techniques have enabled IMS to offer ultra-low ohm resistors for current sensing and other critical applications. Values from .001 ohm to 1 ohm with tolerances as tight as 1% are now available. These resistors use newly designed Kelvin connections to insure that resistance measurements are not only precise but easily repeatable. Bond placement is not critical. Contact our sales department or a solution to your ultra-low ohm need.

Aluminum Nitride Heat Spreaders
Heat spreaders on aluminum nitride substrates are now available from IMS. These heat spreaders are fabricated using thick film technology and can be supplied to any size up to 4 inches square. Initially h eat spreaders were used in semiconductor packaging to aid in the extraction of heat from the semiconductor die throughout the package. However, heat spreaders can be used in many other applications. If you are encountering a thermal management problem and you think that aluminum nitride heat spreaders may be a solution, please contact one of our applications engineers. Samples are available for your evaluation.

Aluminum nitride chip resistors
The wait for more power dissipation in a smaller resistor package is over. IMS can now supply thick film chip resistors on aluminum nitride. Aluminum nitride has superior thermal characteristics when compared to alumina. It compares very favorably to beryllia and has none of the potential hazards. To obtain more information and a sample of the product, please contact our sales department.

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