Armstrong World Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of acoustical ceilings, has introduced I-ceilings Wireless Systems, a new in-building wireless system that integrates antennas with acoustical ceilings to enable clear, reliable coverage for wireless communications inside commercial interiors. I-ceilings Wireless Systems

Armstrong's new I-ceilings Wireless Systems feature a special Antenna Panel that has a suite of antennas embedded in the ceiling panel itself to enable in-building wireless connectivity for both voice and data. The panels provide the most efficient and effective in-building coverage because the ceiling plane is considered to be the best location for omni-directional antennas.

In addition, I-ceilings Antenna Panels look just like ordinary ceiling panels so they blend in with the overall ceiling. This makes the interior space more aesthetically pleasing by eliminating unsightly surface-mounted antennas that are typically installed on ceilings or walls to achieve wireless coverage inside buildings. It also creates a more comfortable atmosphere for the occupants of the space.

Armstrong's WL2 Series of Antenna Panels is the recommended in-building solution for typical applications. This series provides complete wireless capability for voice and data connectivity as well as maximum flexibility for use with multiple wireless system and service providers.

The WL2 series panels include one 850/1900 Mhz dual band voice antenna, one 1900 Mhz voice antenna that can be used alone or as a diversity element with the dual band, and two 2400 Mhz antennas in a diversity configuration. Other series with different antenna configurations are also available.

The WL2 series is compatible with all wireless voice and data standards, including the IEEE 802.1 lb standard and the Bluetooth standard. Its unique dual band 850/1900 Mhz antenna used in voice applications enables operation with either voice band without additional panels.

The panel's design uses the latest technology from Centurion Wireless Technologies.

The I-ceilings antennas are specifically tuned and tested to perform in Armstrong ceilings. They deliver performance equal to traditional antennas.