Delivering innovative antenna solutions for today's emerging markets

Cushcraft Corporation, a world leader, in the manufacture and development of communications antennas has been committed to total customer satisfaction for more than four decades. Cushcraft has become the world leader in antennas for Wireless LAN, ISM band, and small cell applications. Cushcraft also has a strong presence in RFID and Data Collection, Land Mobile Radio, Specialized Mobile Radio, Cellular, Security, Wireless MAN, Amateur Radio and other applications.

Ownership supports the Cushcraft management team whose long-standing commitment to satisfying customers needs continues to drive the company's growth.

The company is uniquely skilled and is highly regarded for its ability to design and manufacture high quality antennas in volume and at competitive prices. The company's progressive management team uses state-of-the-art equipment, techniques and design tools to provide antennas that are singularly well suited to the demands of the contemporary wireless environment.

Building on its strengths, Cushcraft has become a leader in the development of antennas for high speed data, PCS/DCS/WCS, WLL as well as antennas for other emerging technologies. The company is committed to the continued expansion and broadening of its product offerings in support of a wide variety of contemporary wireless systems and applications.

Mission Statement
Our corporate mission is to be a total quality company. We are committed to managing our business for long term growth; investing in new technologies; and maintaining competitive leadership in our markets. We will provide our customers with quality antenna solutions, produces and service. Our employees will have a work environment that fosters creativity, pride and personal growth. We are committed to providing our investors with quality revenues and return on investment.

Cushcraft's manufacturing facility is located in Manchester, NH, USA. The company offers complete design and prototyping to develop working models and test alternatives. Cushcraft is constantly striving to improve quality and performance to meet customer's needs. The company implements manufacturing strategies and quality techniques to achieve zero defects. Cushcraft is currently using the Epicor System to support its ISO 9001 Certification. Manufacturing objectives are met by managing 1,200 different SKU's in the operation of its specialized manufacturing cells. These assembly techniques are proven practices for the manufacture of quality products at low cost.

Cushcraft's engineering department is committed to total customer satisfaction. Engineering's primary responsibility is new product development to support direct customer and general market requirements. Additionally, the engineering department provides general technical and design support to customers on a variety of antenna and system performance issues. One of our unique capabilities is rapid prototype development where antenna requirements can be implemented into a prototype within a short time frame.

To ensure that we are responsive to customer needs, the engineering department maintains highly skilled, expert technical staff who are leaders in antenna design and development. The engineering department also maintains state-of-the-art measurement and test equipment which includes a 40 ft. by 20 ft. by 12 ft. digitally automated anechoic chamber and associated test equipment.