California Eastern Labs and the NEC Corporation

The NEC/CEL partnership dates back to the late 1950s. At the time, NEC was not nearly as well known in the North American semiconductor market as it is today. To make it easier for domestic engineers to put NEC RF and microwave devices to work, CEL had to expand the role of the traditional sales representative.

CEL produced data sheets, catalogs, and documentation in English, and built an extensive test applications facility. More recently, a joint NEC/CEL Design Center has been established to develop ICs specifically for domestic markets.

Today, NEC is one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers — and CEl is NEC's exclusive Sales and Marketing arm for their RF, microwave, fiber optic and optoelectronic semiconductor products in North America.

Sales and Marketing Independence
CEL develops its own strategic marketing and sales policies and responds to all domestic RFPs and RFQs. ISO9001 Certified, CEL provides engineering and design assistance, maintains an extensive onshore inventory, sets pricing, and extends credit.

CEL also plays a key role in NEC new product development by providing the essential information on emerging applications and technology that NEC needs to be competitive in today's rapidly changing domestic markets.

Engineering and Applications Support
CEL provides customers with product characterization: Measurement of S-parameters, noise, gain, and power characteristics, as well as circuit simulation, custom testing, and product selection.

The NEC/CEL design Center enables CEL to develop custom ICs to meet the needs of specific customer applications. Located at CEL headquarters, the Design Center is staffed by engineers from both CEL and NEC. While these ICs are fabricated at NEC facilities in Japan, performance evaluations and characterization can be done in CEL's own engineering facility.

Quality Assurance
NEC product quality is undisputed. While the company ships over 300 million RF semiconductors a month, the customer return rate is less than 0.03 parts per million — a quality figure that exceeds 6 Sigma!

CEL's own internal Quality Assurance program is just as rigorous. Over the years, CEL has audited, analyzed, and refined its procedures to assure they meet or exceed customer requirements for product handling and delivery.

Order processing, inventory control, warehousing, and shipping procedures are also designed to meet our customers' most demanding Just-in-Time production schedules.

In addition CEL is in compliance with both the Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocol Treaty. The company is continually seeking new materials and methods of doing business that are environmentally responsible.

CEL has Field Sales Offices located throughout North America. Product Selection Guides and Data Sheets are available from them, or from our distributors. You can also download product information from our website at:

California Eastern Laboratories
4590 Patrick Henry Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054