RF Product Selection Made Easy

Avnet Electronics Marketing announces the development of a suite of RF product selection tools designed to enable users to harness volumes of available product data by providing easy navigation to the exact information needed 24 hours a day. Avnet's primary goal for its product selector tools is to provide the user greater speed, flexibility and comparison capability to refine product selection searches and identify appropriate RF components expeditiously.

The suite of RF Online tools will provide parametric search capability for almost any RF component, ranging from antenna to baseband and will be broken out by product application, enabling users to narrow the scope of any given component selection search. To further refine the tool and promote ease of use, unique search parameters relating to critical performance specifications have been established for each tool. Beyond assisting users in finding specific devices from the industry's leading manufacturers, the tools are also designed to ensure that the devices yielded by the product searches are appropriate for desired applications.

Two of the releases from the RF Online tool suite are RF Connectors and RF Adapters. The RF Coaxial Connector tool includes searchable key parameters by type of connector interface (SMA, BNC, F, etc.), frequency, mounting style, polarity and termination style, featuring connectors by AEP, AMP, Amphenol RF, Anritsu, Cambridge Products, ITT Cannon RF, Johnson Components and M/A-COM from which to choose. As a complement to the RF Connector Selector, the RF Adapter tool allows the user to select from almost 300 types of RF adapters that are used to join two or more RF connectors together.

A new suite of RF Online selection tools from Avnet Electronics Marketing will decrease the time required to locate and select RF components.

Avnet's product selection tools also enable searches for MMIC and RF Power devices. The MMIC's selector tool is comprised of all RF Small Signal Amplifiers available through Avnet rated up to 1 Watt (30 dBm) with frequencies ranging from DC to 50 GHz and, soon, up to 77 GHz. The search criteria include frequency band, amplifier type, Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), gainblock, or Power Amplifier (PA), power, package and manufacturer, if desired. Additionally, the tool also displays pertinent performance specifications for each device, including die technology, bandwidth, power (P-1dB), gain, noise, Third Order Intercept Point (IP3), voltage, and current.

The RF Power selector tool is comprised of all RF active power devices available through Avnet rated at 1Watt (30dBm) and above (up to 900 Watts). The tool is broken out into five categories, specifically RF Power Discrete Transistors, RF Pulse Power Discrete Transistors, RF Power MMIC's, 50 Ohm RF Power Modules, and RF CATV Amplifier Modules. Under each category, users may specify search parameters within the subheadings of frequency range, die technology, manufacturer, and voltage or applications where applicable. The tool will then display pertinent performance specifications for each device, including power (Watts), gain, efficiency, thermal resistance, voltage, I/O impedance, package, noise, Third Order Intercept Point (IP3), channel loading and distortion where applicable.

Each member in Avnet's suite of RF Online tools allows for side-by-side comparisons of similar components and provides access to formal datasheets, online technical support as well as pricing and availability information from Avnet.

The tools can be accessed from Avnet's RF and Microwave Products home page at

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