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Anritsu Company is the North American subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation, a $1.2 billion company based in Tokyo that manufactures measuring instruments, components, computer and information systems, and industrial automation equipment. Anritsu Corporation was founded more than 100 years ago and has consistently been a worldwide leader through its commitment to research and development.

With sales in excess of $800 million, Measurement Solutions is the largest of four internal companies within Anritsu. The success of Measurement Solutions has made Anritsu the world's second largest test equipment manufacturer. A recognized leader in developing solutions through innovative technology, Anritsu has grown due to its commitment to the customer. The company's responsiveness in meeting the needs of customers — from service to solution development — has been the impetus for Anritsu's success.

Complementing its unique approach to customer service is Anritsu's global presence. Anritsu has more than 5,000 employees in 18 countries, giving it a longer reach than most companies. Manufacturing is done in Morgan Hill, CA; Atsugi, Japan; and Stevenage, England. The Richardson, TX office serves as the sales and marketing headquarters. Additional sales and service offices are located throughout the country to support U.S. customers.

Wireless Test

Anritsu has been at the forefront of developing test instruments that meet the growing challenges facing wireless engineers and technicians. Among the most recent Anritsu innovations are:

3GPP W-CDMA Test Solution - With the introduction of the MG3681A signal generator and MS8608A transmitter tester, Anritsu has developed a complete test solution for analyzing 3GPP W-CDMA components and base stations. The MG3681A and MS8608A have the capabilities necessary to support the bandwidth and chip rates of the 3GPP initial release and its future phases that will support bandwidths to 20 MHz.

The MG3681A signal generator features a 30 MHz internal and external I/Q modulation bandwidth and supports chip rates up to 16 Mcps. AM, FM, phase, and pulse modulations are also provided. With a 20 MHz analysis bandwidth, the MS8608A combines a transmitter tester, power meter, and spectrum analyzer in one instrument.

CRCA Software - Used in conjunction with the MT8802A Radio Communications Analyzer, the Cellular Repair Center Application (CRCA) software creates a single test solution for fast, automated testing of TDMA, CDMA, GSM, and AMPS cellular phones. The development of the CRCA software enhances productivity, improves efficiency, increases throughput, and reduces the cost of testing cellular phones in the cellular repair center environment.

Anritsu has developed the CRCA software to simplify cell phone testing so technicians of any experience can conduct fast and accurate tests. A simple operator interface makes it easy for technicians to quickly identify the problem associated with the performance of the phone. The technician simply selects the phone model under test and corresponding service provider then executes the test. As a result, there is minimal training required before the test solution can be implemented.

Power Amplifier Test System - Anritsu has enhanced its ME7840A Power Amplifier Test System (PATS) with additional measurement capability, making it the most comprehensive solution for real-time simultaneous tuning of power amplifier parameters. The ME7840A can now conduct ACPR, IMD, PAE, compression, harmonics, and S-parameter measurements with a single connection, thereby creating a turnkey solution that allows for unprecedented convenience, speed, and accuracy when analyzing power amplifiers. The new capabilities perfectly complement the ME7840A's existing features, including the ability to conduct swept frequency and swept power measurements.

RF Vector Network Measurement System (VNMS) - The Scorpion® MS46XX RF Vector Network Measurement System (VNMS) now has noise figure frequency to 6 GHz with the release of the MS4600/4B. The extended noise figure frequency allows Scorpion to analyze low noise amplifiers (LNAs) and other devices covering the 5.2 GHz ~ 5.8 GHz band. Scorpion's inherent advantage as a single-instrument solution that combines the ability to conduct all typical RF measurements, such as gain, Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) and Noise Figure (NF), with power and frequency sweep capabilities are brought to the 5.2 GHz - 5.8 GHz band with the introduction of the MS4600/4B.

MS8608A Transmitter Tester
MG3681A Signal Generator
The Scorpion MS4600/4B Vector Network Measurement System.

Microwave Components
Since its development of the K Connector® with coverage up to 40 GHz, Anritsu has also been a leader in microwave components. Anritsu continues its tradition of developing high-end components with the recent introduction of Wideband Bias Tees and Precision DC blocks, to augment its existing instrumentation-grade adapters, precision attenuators, high return loss connectors from DC to 65 GHz, and precision terminations.

Fiber/Data Analysis
Anritsu also designs, develops, and manufactures test equipment for analysis of fiber optic lines, data communications, and telecommunications systems. Its mini-OTDRs, optical spectrum analyzers, and WDM testers have positioned the company strongly in the fiber optic industry. For data communications, Anritsu has bit error rate test systems (BERTs) as well as analyzers for SDH/SONET and ATM. Anritsu also provides a diverse set of fault management systems for rapid and accurate monitoring and testing of voice, data, and fiber networks.

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