30-Plus Years of Product Innovation

Anaren Microwave continues to focus on product introduction and research and development.

Anaren Microwave, a leader in wireless technology, designs and manufactures microwave stripline components including the AdrenaLine™ splitter/combiners, surface mount Xinger® baluns, butler matrices, power dividers, attenuators, mixers and modulators, and hybrid & directional couplers.

Anaren's headquarters are in Syracuse, NY. For the convenience of European and Middle Eastern customers, Anaren also has a sales and marketing office in Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK.

Products for Wireless Infrastructure
Anaren supplies low-cost surface mount components and custom assemblies to manufacturers of cellular, PCS and W-CDMA power amplifiers, receivers, and base station equipment. They also manufacture beamformers and signal distribution networks for advanced base station designs. Anaren emphasizes responsiveness to prototype design, volume production capability, and total cost control. Customers benefit from innovative space-saving solutions for new and existing wireless network infrastructure. Low-cost demands are met with inventive new products, quality applications support, and quick turnarounds. In addition, to shorten their customers' product cycles, Anaren partners with them during the design and production phases.

Custom Caseless Multifunction Components Integrate Many Base Station Functions Into One Assembly
Custom caseless multifunction components can be original or replacement designs for base station signal distribution networks, receiver multicouplers, and for pre-amp power distribution. Designs feature unique multilevel RF layers and caseless construction for small lightweight packages at significant cost savings. Until now, integrated microwave components meant linking separate devices with cumbersome cables, countless crossovers, complex grounding schemes, and awkward edge mounted connectors — all of which consume space and money.

Anaren has perfected many custom design methods, eliminating vertical and horizontal space occupied by unnecessary cables and crossovers. Placing connectors on both sides of the divider surface allows for flush mounting to equipment cabinetry, making the device part of the cabinet in the new cableless environment.

Anaren's web site lists electrical specifications for all catalog products. The profile section describes our two business groups: Wireless and Space & Defense. The site also includes job opportunities, press releases, and the location of all Anaren Sales Reps.

New Xinger® Components
Recently, Anaren introduced two Xinger® surface mount crossover components — one for DC-RF and one for RF-RF signal crossing. The new Xinger crossover components provide many advantages over traditional signal crossing methods because they reduce the need for expensive multi-layer boards or lossy zero ohm resistors and can be mounted by tape and reel for high volume manufacturing.

Both the DC-RF and the RF-RF work in the 0 - 6 GHz range and provide a maximum insertion loss of less than 0.1 dB. In addition, the return loss for both parts is greater than 20 dB and the RF-RF component has an isolation of better than 25 dB.

Anaren also has three new high-performance low impedance Xinger® baluns used by power amplifier designers worldwide.

The new patent pending Xinger baluns are designed to be surface mounted with automatic assembly equipment onto a printed circuit board, eliminating the time-consuming task of custom fitting coaxial baluns. Plus, the surface mount Xinger baluns use less real estate than conventional printed microstrip baluns.

The new low impedance Xinger baluns, 3A412, 3A512 and 3W 512, transforms an unbalanced 50 W input signal into a 25 W balanced output (12.5 W to ground) to feed cellular, DCS,PCS and 3G push-pull power amplifiers.

Xinger baluns are currently available in the 800 - 1000 MHz band (3A412), 1400 - 600 MHz band (3A512) and 1800 - 2200 MHz band (3W512). Each of the three new Xinger baluns has a maximum insertion loss of 0.3 dB, a minimum return loss of 15 dB, an amplitude balance of ± 0.2 dB and a phase balance of 180 degrees ± 5 degrees.

The Xinger baluns are made from a low loss, ceramic loaded Teflon material that is thermally compatible with PCB materials such as FR4 polyamide and other commonly used substrate materials. Because these Xinger baluns do not require any manual operations in the manufacture or installation, the human element is removed and a more robust and reliable push-pull amplifier can be realized.

Aluminum Nitride Resistive Components
Anaren has introduced a new line of RF Power Thick Film Aluminum Nitride (AlN) resistors and terminations designed as an alternative to the Beryllium Oxide (BeO) ceramic widely used today.

The range of components includes several different products. The first release in 2000 consisted of 10, 20, 100 and 150-Watt components in a variety of package styles including chip, flangeless and flanged. Further releases add a line of surface mount components as well as additions to the existing styles. Applications include RF power amplifiers, isolators, absorptive filters, antenna feeds and power combiners.

Due to the recent demand for a cost-effective and safe BeO alternative by the wireless industry, thick film paste manufacturers have recently developed thick film AlN paste systems. Thick film resistor and conductor systems, which were developed for AL203 and BeO, do not work on AlN ceramics because inconsistent adhesion of the resistor and metal films to the AlN ceramic material occurs. Using these paste systems along with properly prepared AlN ceramic substrates has resulted in a new product offering of thick film resistive components on AlN ceramic substrates.

When compared to BeO ceramics, AlN comes close in many aspects, with the primary parameter of interest being thermal conductivity due to the high power nature of the application. Electrically AlN has a higher dielectric constant than BeO, which will lead to a somewhat higher capacitive part.

Anaren Microwave's Adrenaline™ High-Power Splitter/Combiners
The AdrenaLine low-loss splitter/combiner for medium- to high-powered amplifiers are stripline networks designed to evenly distribute an input signal to multiple parallel amplifier modules and recombine the amplified signals with another AdrenaLine. Power splits are not limited to binary divisions; any number is possible, with a practical limit of eight power splits. Its unique design allows for individual testing of amplifier modules, minimizes repair costs, and eliminates large-scale board replacements. Currently, AdrenaLine splitter/ combiner networks are designed for the 800 - 1000 MHz and 1.8 - 2.2 GHz frequency bands in three- to eight-way power divisions and are available with SMA connectors for laboratory use or with production-ready solder-strap mounting pads. Because AdrenaLine is manufactured with materials that are mechanically and electrically stable, insertion loss, isolation, return loss, and amplitude balance parameters are optimized for superior performance. AdrenaLine can be used for both single- and multi-channel high-power amplifiers. They easily adapt to additional electrical functionality such as DC distribution, power detection, temperature sensing, etc.

Anaren Microwave's Full-Line Catalog
Anaren Microwave has a full-line RF & Microwave Components catalog. The new catalog will assist engineers in selecting the appropriate components for a variety of applications and will be available on CD-ROM or through Anaren's web site, As the first volume in Anaren's new technical library, the RF & Microwaves Components catalog contains over 600 pages of outline drawings, performance data, and specifications for all of Anaren's microwave components.

For more information on this catalog, e-mail Anaren at, or visit their web site at

Full Service and Support
Anaren products are developed by experienced design, production, and testing personnel. To accommodate the high volume needs of the commercial wireless marketplace they have automated their production and test facilities. Complete CAD facilities allow Anaren to be responsive to rapid prototype design cycles and to assist technical sales support to uphold customer demands efficiently and effectively.

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