Specializing in Wireless Solutions for OEMs

Company Profile...

AeroComm Inc. specializes in affordable wireless data communications. The company leads the RF industry with technology breakthroughs, providing transceivers with superior price and performance. These transceivers offer an instant RF solution to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

AeroComm was incorporated in Kansas in 1990 and is privately held. Since introducing its first wireless product in 1995, it has shipped hundreds of thousands of wireless connectivity devices for home, small business and OEM markets. AeroComm maintains headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas, as well as a regional sales/marketing branch in Salt Lake City, Utah. AeroComm's products are distributed throughout North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

AeroComm was the first company to receive FCC approval for a 2.4 GHz direct sequence spread spectrum radio in 1994. However, AeroComm's primary corporate focus since 1996 has been frequency hopping technology for the benefits of lower cost, lower power consumption, higher interference immunity and smaller size.

The company's unique proprietary methods of implementing spread spectrum technology enables wireless applications that were previously cost-prohibitive. AeroComm leverages this expertise to create products offering a distinct competitive advantage to OEMs and end-users. Its wide range of experience includes high-frequency RF design, antennas, custom integrated circuits, communications protocols, digital communications, and automated test engineering.

Core Technology
The core technology behind AeroComm's products remains a revolutionary FHSS design. Its large production volume supports highly integrated electronics. Yet because AeroComm spread spectrum systems are unlicensed frequencies, they cost less to install and maintain. The compelling technology (known as ConnexRF™) enables independent OEMs to buy, rather than to make, RF modules. This helps OEMs reduce their R&D schedules, expenses and uncertainties, while accelerating their time to market and lowering their costs.

Additional benefits include:

High Data Transfer Rates:
Up to 1 Mbps over the air supports most applications; fast enough for large networks with quick on/off airtime for longer battery life.

Small Form Factor:
1.65 inches 3 2.65 inches 3 0.2 inches - small enough to fit handheld devices.

Long Range:
Up to 2 miles with dipole antennas; longer ranges with high-gain antennas.

Low Power Consumption:
The lowest power consumption in its category with standby modes for battery-powered applications.

Fast OEM Integration:
Industry-standard 5 V TTL Serial Interface, with optional RS232 adapters available.

Advanced Software Features/Multiple Transmission Modes:
For networking and data integrity. Multiple transmission modes, networking architectures and guaranteed delivery modes simplify your design effort.

International Acceptance:
2.4 GHz is accepted virtually throughout the world as an unlicensed spectrum. ConnexRF transceivers conform to FCC, IC and EN regulations.

The Product Line...

Complete RF modules for OEMs
AeroComm offers a line of "agency approved" RF modules to meet OEM needs for varying range, data throughput and cost. Additionally, it develops custom RF solutions under contract with major OEMs. AeroComm's 2.4 GHz PKLR2400S and LX2400S transceivers can be used in either point-to-point or point-to-multipoint operation in vending machine monitoring, remote control devices, handheld data collection, building security, HVAC, irrigation control, vehicle data applications, commercial lighting controllers, electronic signs, and much more. The company offers the best price and performance in the industry with various configurations to best fit an OEM's application. ConnexRF™ transceivers are available directly from AeroComm and from premier RF distributors worldwide.

Wireless printer sharing systems
GoPrint™ wireless printer sharing systems allow small business and SOHO customers to locate printers where they are needed, without the hassle of wiring. they provide an affordable alternative to additional costly printers or high maintenance costs on inexpensive printers. Many clients in the Fortune 1000 companies use GoPrints in remote offices to offload network print traffic. Available in three models, GoPrints utilize different technology to provide different benefits. Users can connect up to 8 printers with up to 128 PCs around corners and through walls, eliminating the need for complex networking when printer sharing is the primary requirement. GoPrint systems are available direct from AeroComm as well as through catalog warehouses.

Wireless Modems
AeroComm will be announcing the release of its new Connex wireless modem this summer. The ConnexModem™ is a powerful 2.4 GHz transceiver combined with a 56K modem. The embedded RF module enables local wireless communication, while the 56K modem bridges local wireless to the telecom system for long-range communication. The complete system is comprised of a central telecom node and any number of remote nodes. The modem communicates with nodes locally using the 2.4 GHz frequency band; it then sends the data over virtually any distance using a standard phone line. Similar products from the Connex line will also be announced this summer.

Developer Kits
AeroComm offers development tools to help engineers implement radio designs quickly. Kits include all necessary transceivers and accessories to integrate RF into your system. Most importantly, AeroComm includes competent support by assigning an engineer to assist you throughout your product development and approval processes.

AeroComm maintains its headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas. A regional Sales & Marketing office is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. AeroComm's products are distributed throughout North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

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