AeroComm Inc. announces the release of its complete line of LX 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transceivers. Unlike radios designed from chipsets, LX transceivers are agency-approved, ready-to-use modules designed for rapid integration into larger volume OEM products. The LX family offers manufacturers a broad array of wireless capability, accompanied by comprehensive RF development tools and support.

LX products pioneer the concept of "one design, many products." Five versions of transceivers plus two repeater models provide an assortment to suit OEMs' varying range and network configurations. Manufacturers can choose short-range, low-power consumption versions for their battery-powered or piconet applications, and higher-power radios coupled with repeaters for miles of range. All LX transceivers have identical dimensions, connectors and software requirements, so modules are interchangeable for changing design needs.

Bluetooth is an industry consortium that also employs 2.4 GHz FHSS technology to provide low cost, short-range wireless connectivity. Highly touted as the next RF industry standard, Bluetooth component designers remain challenged by the complexity, performance and cost targets commonly promoted. Additionally, many OEMs desiring Bluetooth find difficulty in the implementation cost, compliance, global regulatory demands, and mechanical considerations such as antenna selection/placement.

AeroComm's LX solution, conversely, offers OEMs interested in Bluetooth technology an ideal means of gaining cost-effective, highly robust wireless connectivity now, along with a smooth transition to an AeroComm Bluetooth solution from one of the leaders in spread spectrum technology.

Because LX transceivers are based on 2.4 GHz FHSS, they are highly resistant to interference and accepted virtually worldwide for unlicensed use. They are the smallest and lowest power in their category, ideal for portable and handheld applications. And with RF data rates up to 244 Kbps, LX modules provide ample speed for most OEM applications.

The product line's power output starts at 3mW for local uses (within 50 feet), and reaches 150mW for miles of range in outdoor applications or for large industrial facilities. For even longer distances, or when obstacles block the communication path, an LX repeater (or unlimited chains of repeaters) can be employed to extend range. All LX transceivers are available with integral strip dipole antennas for applications not permitting external antennas. Or, radios with antenna connectors are available for use with a variety of agency external antennas.

LX is ideal for applications such as sensors, lighting, security systems, point of sale displays and automotive diagnosis equipment. The device will fit smoothly into an OEM's unique timing requirements thanks to its simple fast-response low-latency architecture; the manufacturer can then tailor-make their communication protocol to meet specific application needs.

AeroComm's new LX family is available directly from AeroComm, and from premier RF distributors worldwide. The company also offers the PKLR line of 2.4 GHz transceivers with a complete embedded protocol suite as well as comprehensive sets of LX development tools accompanied by full RF engineering support, reinforcing our commitment as the OEM's "RF engineering department".