Wireless Technologies Corporation has introduced a new line of high performance compact diplexers for use in the SMR, cellular "B" and GSM bands. Their primary use is in repeaters and cellular range extenders.

These diplexers offer exceptional low loss, good temperature stability, high port to port and TX/RX isolation with superb return loss.

Typical performance for the Model W806D, covering the SMR band, (806 - 821/851 - 866 MHz) are: 70 dB isolation between TX/RXC, mid-band insertion loss of < 0.8 dB; return loss is >– 20 dB. Sharp cut-off slopes reduce adjacent band interference while maintaining band edge insertion loss of 1.3 dB.

Their small size is an additional benefit when employed in microcells, measuring 3 × 6 × 1.4 inches.

The Model W807D covers the cellular "B" band with the same performance specification as the Model W806D.

The Model 908D covers the cellular "B" band with the same technical specifications as the Model W807D.

The Model 909D covers EGSM band with operating performance specifications similar to the Model W908D.