INLYNK, a premier software solutions provider for the electronics industry, has announced the release of version 4.3 of its flagship product.

Optymo is a sophisticated BOM and Parts management solution that helps organizations to better manage their design and production steps.

This new version is the result of a very successful collaboration between Altium, Octopart, and INLYNK.

In this new version, the interface between Altium Designer users and Optymo has been dramatically improved. Not only can OPTYMO share the operational data with Altium Designer, but it is now possible to share a BOM between the two tools without using the “import” function. Copy the BOM in Altium Designer and paste it within Optymo. It is as simple as that.

The Optymo user can now search for a new component in one click. If the part has been used in a previous design, it will appear immediately with its full history. If it has never been used, then the

Octopart search engine will be automatically enabled and all parts corresponding to the search will appear in the Optymo internal browser. Pick your preferred part and click on the icon to create the part in the database.

This new version brings tremendous ROI to Octopart, Altium, and INLYNK customers.

Here are the main features of the new 4.3 version:

  • Copy/paste – With the new version, the Altium Designer users will be able to copy a
  • BOM within Optymo, without having to go through the usual import/export process.
  • Component information displayed in Altium Designer – Allows the designer to visualize the operational details of a component of the design in a click of a mouse. This information is stored in Optymo.
  • Direct access to any component via the Octopart search engine – If you need to pick a new part for a new design, the Octopart search engine will open in the Optymo session.
  • Creation of a list of suppliers in one shot – Optymo is now able to import all potential suppliers in a second with just a manufacturer reference.
  • Improved cost analysis and quotation process – The combination of information obtained from Octopart on one side and the powerful real-­‐time EDI of Optymo guarantees a flawless process from cost analysis to quotation. INLYNK offers an EDI with all the major parts vendors on the market: Digi-­Key, Mouser, Newark, Farnell, Allied and RS Components.

“Our partnership with Octopart and Altium is going to give our customers access to very uniquefeatures. They will immediately measure the benefits of those features in terms of time saving, cost management and ROI,” says Patrice Commune, President & CEO at INLYNK Software Inc.

"We're thrilled to partner with INLYNK team to bring a great set of features to new Octopart customers. Working with their team not only exposed us to resource management solutions but enhanced our own capabilities in the process," says Sam Wurzel, founder and CEO at Octopart.

“The collaboration with INLYNK has been excellent. We were actually very impressed with their understanding of the electronic industry. It was obvious to us that these guys have some electronic design background,” notes Dan Fernsebner, Director of Global Services & Developer Network at Altium.

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