Artist's rendition of ISEE-3

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Skycorp Incorporated and Ettus Research, a subsidiary of National Instruments, have joined forces for the development of a crucial piece of hardware needed to contact the ISEE-3 spacecraft. Contacting ISEE-3, launched by NASA in 1978, is the focus of the ISEE-3 Reboot Project. ISEE-3 will be returning to Earth orbit in August of this year after having circled the sun for nearly four decades. SpaceRef Interactive, Skycorp, and Space College have joined forces to rescue the spacecraft, put it back into orbit near Earth, and use it for scientific research and STEM education.

On the platform looking down at the Dome and the dish.

Cable car heading up to the platform, and looking up at the platform and Dome from the centre of the dish below.

The IF patch panel.

The TX USRP installed in one of the equipment rooms.

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