In their ongoing quest to help mobile testers perform their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible, Keynote now offers native object level scripting for users of HP UFT. Specifically, they have added a script recorder to our HP UFT add-in that allows you to interact directly with native objects within mobile apps. This increases the level of reusability of test scripts, making it easier to test on a wide range of real mobile devices – directly from the UFT environment.

With the ability to record scripts that interact at the mobile app object level, HP UFT users will now experience a much higher level of reusability and portability for the creation and maintenance of mobile testing scripts.  This capability also addresses variations in OS and/or form-factor, such as screen-size, keyboard layout, button position, etc. With the addition of object level support, test scripts become more resilient and reusable, minimizing the impact of UI changes, and ultimately saving them time and resources through increased automation.

Specifically, the current release gives UFT users:

  • The power to record and playback object level scripts within UFT on real mobile devices in the DeviceAnywhere cloud.
  • The ability to interact at the web element level with Chrome on Android devices, speeding test creation and execution for mobile websites.
  • Better support for users that operate UFT in descriptive programming mode.

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