Legacy of plastic packaging innovation for wireless infrastructure equipment continues with an industry first for harsh industrial environments

Tampa Bay, Fla. – June 3, 2014 – (International Microwave Symposium) – Freescale Semiconductor is introducing its first plastic packaged devices designed specifically for high ruggedness applications. The new MRFE6VP5150N/GN and MRFE6VP5300N/GN power amplifiers are the industry’s first > 65:1 VSWR rated devices to be housed in over molded plastic packaging.

“Freescale has deployed millions of RF power transistors in plastic packages for macrocell base stations in the cellular market," said Paul Hart senior vice president and general manager for Freescale’s RF business. “We are now extending our RF power amplifier packaging expertise to industrial applications. The new MRFE6VP5150 and MRFE6VP5300 devices are the first members of a plastic package product portfolio engineered for optimal ruggedness, and are an expansion of our highly successful MRFE6VP61K25 family.”

Compared to ceramic RF packages, plastic packaging features superior manufacturability, outstanding thermal impedance and significant cost benefits. By combining the advantages of plastic packaging with the ruggedness traditionally associated with ceramic-housed devices, Freescale has achieved a significant technology milestone for the benefit of its RF power customer base.

Industrial environments are notoriously harsh. Devices are required to not only survive, but perform optimally under varying voltages and operating conditions. With a survivability rating of > 65:1 VSWR with simultaneous over voltage and overdrive, Freescale’s new MRFE6VP5150 and MRFE6VP5300 devices are designed to thrive in these environments while delivering outstanding system reliability and low maintenance costs. Target applications for the new products include FM broadcast, CO2 lasers for medical applications, and VHF and UHF base stations for public safety radio installations.

In addition to their industry leading ruggedness, Freescale’s new MRFE6VP5150 and MRFE6VP5300 devices facilitate high gain across a wide frequency range, requiring fewer parts and reducing design complexity. The devices’ high energy efficiency simplifies cooling, thus lowering operating expenses and shrinking form factors.

These new RF power LDMOS transistors support wide frequency range utilization – from 1.8 and 600 MHz. The MRFE6VP5150 device is capable of handling a load mismatch of > 65:1 VSWR at 50 Vdc, 230 MHz at multiple phase angles; and is capable of 150 Watts CW operation. In addition, both devices incorporate integrated stability enhancements and integrated ESD protection circuitry.

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