When it comes to V2V communication, what existing technologies can be leveraged to accelerate in-vehicle equipment?

"At this point, it is difficult to specify a certain technology, but it can be said that

The biggest issue in V2V communication is how to disseminate communication devices or modules in all cars, since it is essential for most cars to have these devices or modules for effective V2V communication.

To address this issue, using smartphones for V2V communication such as Qualcomm’s and Honda’s approach can be a solution, as smartphones and tablets are already widely used.

Qualcomm has announced plans to integrate DSRC into its Wi-Fi chip, and Honda is also attempting to use DSRC and Wi-Fi Direct for V2V or V2P communication.

However, there are many problems to solve when using smartphones, such as security, reliability, and communication range.

Therefore, the initial use of smartphones is beneficial for diffusion, but ultimately, dedicated in-vehicle communication devices are essential for the ideal system of V2V communication."