Earlier this month, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group kicked off its summer of innovation with the first Bluetooth Innovation Training Event in San Jose, California. More than 160 developers, industry folks, and interested professionals gathered together for a day filled with networking, education, and lots of Bluetooth technology.

It was great to see so many individuals interested in learning the ins and outs of developing with Bluetooth Smart technology – it is an integral part in the proliferation of the Internet of Things, and is already integrated into millions of connected devices. With the knowledge these developers gained at our San Jose training, they will be able to create the next generation of Bluetooth Smart connected apps and devices.

In addition to the training event, the SIG’s newly released Smart Starter Kit makes it even easier to add connectivity to their device and connected application.

As the SIG’s Director of Development Programs, these Innovation events are near and dear to me. Bluetooth Smart helped revolutionize the way consumers interact with their devices and surroundings, and I believe that we’re just beginning to explore the full potential of the technology. Our first training event in 2014 made it clear just how many developers are interested in learning the best ways to utilize Bluetooth Smart.

I had the opportunity to talk with several of the attendees about their experience, and the following things stood out as event highlights:

  • Getting an in-depth run-down on the basics of how Bluetooth Smart works
  • Discussing best practices for over-the-air packet sniffing and debugging
  • Covering the foundational pieces of mobile apps
  • Having Bluetooth SIG and industry experts on hand to answer questions and provide thorough explanations of agenda topics

The day was long, but each attendee walked away with some new pieces of information about developing with Bluetooth Smart as well as developer kits from CSR and Nordic, and soon I imagine we’ll start to see some great innovation from our San Jose event attendees.

Now, we’re gearing up for the second of our Bluetooth Innovation Training Events, this one in Beijing, China on June 4. The content for the Beijing event will be similar to what we shared in San Jose, with slight modifications to interest our APAC developers. The event will feature speakers from the SIG, as well as CSR, Nordic Semiconductor, and Frontline Test Equipment. Attendees will learn everything from “Creating Your Phone App” to “Taking Your Bluetooth Device to Market” as well as application troubleshooting and debugging. The Bluetooth Innovation Training event promises to be an educational experience for all interested developers, whether they are just beginning a career in the industry or are a seasoned professional.

Register for the Bluetooth Innovation Training event in Beijing on Wednesday, 4 June 2014.