For the first time, service providers can “see behind the gateway” and cost-effectively troubleshoot and fix networking and device problems with Pie’s new application suite. 

(Palo Alto, CA) Pie Digital has announced TotalTechHero, the only application suite that fully enables service providers and customer service representatives (CSRs) to successfully support connected homes. TotalTechHero reduces customer care expense by up to 40 percent, improves the customer experience, and turns support into a revenue generator.

Support costs have skyrocketed with the growing variety and quantity of devices that consumers introduce into their homes. Meanwhile, service providers currently lack the device and network monitoring, management, and self-help users need to meet quality of service expectations in their connected homes.

Pie’s technology is the first to give providers visibility and control beyond the gateway and across connected devices. Used in conjunction with an app downloaded on the consumer’s devices, the CSR and consumer both see exactly the same information including all networked devices in the home, device and network issues, and simplified resolutions, which empowers the CSR to work with the consumer to quickly resolve issues. TotalTechHero increases first call resolution and eliminates many additional support calls, addressing two major issues for call centers. Working in conjunction with TotalTechHero, the consumer app also provides users with the right information so they can fix problems on their own, allowing them to avoid most calls altogether. TotalTechHero also creates a new revenue channel for service providers via highly personalized, relevant upsell of products and services that improve customer satisfaction, churn, and bottom line.

“A critical need for the connected home market has been tools that will enable remote management of the home network,” notes Mike Jude, program manager of consumer communications services for Stratecast, a division of Frost & Sullivan. “Our research indicates that Pie Digital is the only technology vendor with a service platform that enables both network operators and consumers to proactively and effectively manage the home network.”

“Millions of consumers make two or more support calls per year, and that number keeps increasing. On top of that support expense, a single on-site visit to fix network or networked device problems in the home can cost over $200,” says John Orcutt, CEO of Pie Digital. “For the first time, CSRs get a complete inside view of what’s really going on and the ability to speak the same language as their customer. We make sure problems are avoided altogether or resolved very efficiently so consumers can get the most out of their connected homes.”

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