NetHero_App.Photo Credit: Pie DigitalSupporting recent research that 63 percent of consumers want an app to manage their home network and remotely fix problems, NetHero empowers people to get the most out of their connected homes.

California -- Consumers now have access to a free home network and device management app, NetHero, on iOS and Android devices, and Mac and Windows PCs. Created by the developer of cloud-based software for network and device management, Pie Digital, NetHero is the first free app to let consumers manage and optimize their home network and devices at home or on the go, ensuring they maximize their home Internet experience.

NetHero answers the question everyone is forced to ask at some point: “Why is my Internet so slow?” The Internet connection may (or may not) be slow, but because an ever growing number of devices connect to the Internet from consumers’ homes, at one point or another, they all suffer from slowdowns, disconnects, and many other frustrating problems. NetHero makes it simple to find out the cause(s) and then take back control of the network from anywhere.

Ideal for the family member who handles technology for the household, NetHero:

  • Tests device connection speeds.
  • Tells the consumer which Internet activities are feasible with current connection capabilities.
  • Gives tips on how to speed the network up.
  • Continuously monitors status across the connected home.
  • Alerts users when devices need attention & shows easy fixes.
  • Warns about safety threats & tells users how to quickly avert or solve problems.

“A recent consumer survey conducted by Stratecast showed that 61 percent of consumers would like an application that allows them to manage their home network from anywhere,” says Mike Jude, program manager of consumer communications services for Stratecast, a division of Frost & Sullivan. “Even more compelling, we found that 63 percent of consumers surveyed indicated that they want a service which monitors their home network and which can remotely fix problems. NetHero is meeting this consumer demand.”

“As consumers increasingly add connected devices like Smart TVs, gaming consoles, tablets, and more, to their home network, they have found that this comes at the cost of consistently dealing with network errors and interruptions. We believe that the connected home should bring consumers joy – without hassle,” says John Orcutt, CEO of Pie Digital. “NetHero gives them the tools to monitor and manage their increasingly complex environment.”

NetHero is available for free download in the App Store, Google Play, and at

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