Standards-based ESF complements and expands capabilities of Intel software stack for enterprises with OSGI and Oracle Java environment.

Maryland – Eurotech has announced it has completed validation of the Everyware Software Framework (ESF) for the Intel Gateway Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT). Eurotech’s ESF creates a Java-based IoT software stack for enterprises choosing that development environment.

Waterous, the global leading fire pump and water delivery manufacturer, recognizes the value of connecting smart distributed devices to run fire-fighting systems most effectively.

“Eurotech’s hardware and software build upon Intel technology to create the full solution that we need to develop intuitive and exacting solutions for fire-fighters,” explains William L. Smith, President and CEO, Waterous. “When we are able to take pre-integrated solutions and fit them quickly into our Java environment, our team can create the precise product and service offerings using proven tools from world-class companies.”

With Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT, using ESF deployed on the edge of enterprise device and sensor networks, device and data management functions are accessible through open, standards-based solutions for maximum flexibility in IoT and machine to machine (M2M) services. ESF enables extended connectivity options, support for numerous field protocols like CANBUS, Modbus, and other industry-specific protocols, advanced device configuration management, and multiple M2M integration platform connectors.

“Intel’s focus on IoT aligns perfectly with Eurotech’s vision for this space,” says Robert Andres, CMO, Eurotech. “As our companies work together to offer integrated software solutions for IoT gateways, enterprises are the real beneficiaries with a speedy deployment time and more flexible options for hardware platforms, programming languages, and network connectivity. These benefits bring companies new revenues as quickly as possible while keeping options open for future growth and expansion.”

“Eurotech, a long-time member of Intel’s Intelligent Systems Alliance, has worked with Intel on complete solutions for IoT gateways, which translates to software solutions on top of rugged hardware for connectivity, manageability, and security of IoT networks,” says Kumar Balasubramanian, general manager, IoT Solutions Group, Intel. “Intel has put significant resources into enabling an IoT ecosystem and working with Eurotech helps us extend our offering to meet market demand and enable exciting new IoT applications and services.”

ESF provides a cost-effective, flexible and IT- oriented device application framework to build the new generation of connected, smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. ESF provides complete device abstraction that is consistent across all hardware interfaces including serial ports, USB ports, Ethernet, Wifi, GPS, cellular modems, Watchdog, CAN port, digital and analog I/Os and others. ESF is designed to separate applications from the hardware underneath, and to easily leverage software developments across different hardware architectures, generations, and devices. ESF operates on several Intel-based gateways from Eurotech, including those built on Intel Atom as well as Intel Quark technology. These gateways include the ReliaGATE product portfolio as well as a reference design for transportation created by Eurotech using Intel Quark technology.

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