ATA663254. Photo credit: AtmelOffering the industry’s largest LIN portfolio, new LIN SBC devices deliver lower power consumption, improved LDO works down to 2.3V, MLC blocking capacitors for lower overall system cost - industry’s first device that complies with the new OEM hardware recommendations.

San Jose, CA- Atmel [NASDAQ: ATML] has announced a new LIN system basis chip (SBC) ATA663254 for low-power local interconnect networking (LIN) systems used for automotive comfort, power-train, sensor and actuator applications. Atmel’s ATA663254 is the first available device in this family of new LIN devices.

Atmel's new generation of LIN SBC devices delivers significantly lower current consumption in various modes of operation. The integrated low dropout voltage regulator (LDO) can be used in combination with low-cost MLC (multi-layer ceramic) blocking capacitors providing significant cost savings compared to solutions using tantalum capacitors. The improved voltage regulator works down to 2.3V supply voltage, enabling data storage within the MCU during system shutdown in case of unintended power supply interruption. The advanced features of the ATA663254 enable system designers to design in-vehicle network applications in the latest automobiles. The devices are LIN specification 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2A and SAE J2602-2 certified.

Atmel’s new cost-optimized and performance enhanced LIN SBC is developed on a proprietary BCD-on-SOI (Bipolar CMOS and DMOS-on-Silicon on Insulator) process technology that combines high-voltage capability with rugged silicon on insulator technology. This combination allows for high-temperature operation, excellent EMC performance and very low leakage currents.
"Adding to our diverse automotive product portfolio, this new LIN SBC device addresses the latest requirements for in-vehicle networking systems including lower power consumption, more compact PCB board designs and enabling an overall lower system cost. As the automotive design cycle continues to shorten, Atmel is committed to delivering the most innovative automotive products that enable customers to bring their unique, next-generation designs quickly to market," says Rob Valiton, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Automotive, Aerospace, and Memory Business Units.

The kit includes a development board supporting the following features:

  • Provides all components necessary to drive the ATA663254.
  • Choice of master or slave operation.
  • Easily accessible pins.
  • Switching into normal, silent or sleep mode.
  • LEDs for operation indication.
  • Ground coulter clip for easy probe connection while measuring with oscilloscope.

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