Munich, January 15, 2014 — This year for the first time, the Rohde & Schwarz group of companies will have an additional booth (B50, hall 6) dedicated to network operators and infrastructure manufacturers at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. At its main booth (C40, hall 6), the T&M specialist will showcase innovations and test applications for the development and production of consumer electronics that support all relevant cellular and noncellular standards.   

Booth B50, Hall 6: Single-source Test Solutions for the Network Lifecycle    

"Ensure the performance of your network" is the motto of booth B50 in hall 6 where Rohde & Schwarz and its subsidiaries SwissQual, ipoque and Rohde & Schwarz SIT will provide information specifically for network operators and infrastructure manufacturers. Visitors can view single-source test and monitoring solutions for planning, installing, optimizing and operating wireless networks, such as the new, ultracompact drive test scanner from Rohde & Schwarz. The company will also be exhibiting portable measuring instruments for the installation and maintenance of LTE base stations and for efficient interference hunting. In the area of network testing and optimization, SwissQual will be presenting its Diversity and QualiPoc product families, including the NetQual postprocessing software. ipoque will be showcasing its easy-to-integrate DPI and traffic management solutions for infrastructure partners and network operators. The R&S SITLine ETH Ethernet encryptors and the TopSec Mobile from Rohde & Schwarz SIT allow network operators to effectively protect their security-conscious customers' data transmissions against tapping and manipulation.   

Booth C40, Hall 6: Mobile Radio Testers for 3G, 4G and Beyond   

The main Rohde & Schwarz booth will present numerous innovations that facilitate the commercial implementation of LTE-Advanced and LTE voice telephony. The well-established R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester offers new features for consumer electronics and chipset manufacturers and network operators. For example, the tester can now perform tests with three component carriers in the downlink and supports two component carriers in the uplink. And downlink carrier aggregation with 2x2 MIMO, including 3GPP fading profiles, can be performed in a single device. The R&S CMW500 also delivers the performance needed for end-to-end tests on Cat6 devices in the downlink path. In another setup, an R&S CMW500 protocol tester will be used to demonstrate parallel LTE and WLAN testing and LTE/WLAN offloading scenarios. For automotive applications, Rohde & Schwarz helps users carry out automated eCall test scenarios.   

In the area of RF conformance, Rohde & Schwarz will demonstrate tests for enhanced intercell interference (eICIC) and enhanced downlink MIMO on its R&S TS8980 test system. These methods make it possible to further improve the transmission quality of LTE-Advanced. And for the first time, Rohde & Schwarz will be exhibiting its turnkey solution for radiated over-the-air (OTA) tests. The solution consists of the R&S TS8991 and the WPTC shielded room from Albatross Projects. This system makes it possible to quickly and cost-effectively test all mobile, wireless and A-GNSS standards ? including LTE-MIMO.   

For location based services, Rohde & Schwarz will be exhibiting its GNSS simulator in the R&S SMBV100A, which has been enhanced to include the Chinese satellite standard BeiDou. The R&S TS-LBS test system allows consumer electronics manufacturers to replicate new network operator test cases using actual satellite scenarios from various cities ? right in the lab. The R&S VTS, R&S VTE and R&S VTC video tester family addresses the need to test smartphone multimedia applications. The video testers can be used to test video-over-LTE transmission applications in order to ensure quality of service for end users and to test device interoperability with noncellular technologies such as WLAN, Miracast, HDMI2.0 and MHL.    

The R&S SMW200A high-end vector signal generator is the ideal tool for developers who need to generate complex, digitally-modulated, high-quality signals.  At Mobile World Congress, two test setups will be on display: one for 4x4 MIMO for LTE-Advanced and one for envelope tracking. For envelope tracking, an R&S SMW200A will generate a fully synchronous RF and envelope signal, and an R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer will analyze the required parameters. The R&S FSW67 high-end analyzer with its 67 GHz and 500 MHz of analysis bandwidth is paving the way for developers of future 5G applications with signals in the highest frequency ranges.   

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