First ever reliability software to integrate ECAD and CAE

Beltsville, MD – January 23, 2014 – DfR Solutions announced the newest release of Sherlock Automated Design Analysis software, version 3.1. This version of Sherlock is the first and only reliability tool to seamlessly interface with existing FEA tools. Now engineers can quickly and accurately predict circuit card reliability across different use environments using their own FEA software.

Sherlock V 3.1 now functions as a pre-and post- processor for existing FEA tools, easily converting ECAD 2D models to CAE 3D models. It quickly assigns material properties to elements and defines conditions and tests. Sherlock 3.1 automatically converts CAE results into reliability predictions and allows for customized reporting. 

Other significant Sherlock 3.1 release features include Multi-Axis Shock and Vibration Loads which allow users to apply mechanical loads in any direction; Virtual Accelerometers which allow closer correlation between Sherlock predictions and actual physical measurements; and Automated Thermal Derating which speeds up commonly conducted thermal derating activities 10-fold. All of these new features significantly increase the speed and accuracy of critical reliability predictions for electronics manufacturers.

This version of Sherlock also offers an optional server-based license manager (Flex LM) for those industries requiring extra security. Now users can share Sherlock on their internal servers to avoid firewall issues. 
 “We are excited to be the first company to provide a path from flat ECAD files to create fully meshed 3D models that are seamlessly accepted by commercial CAE tools,” stated DfR Solutions CEO Craig Hillman.  “These software enhancements allow engineers to cut weeks of work down to a few hours. That is a huge resource savings.”

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