Spirent provides robust IMS/VoLTE and TDD-LTE test solution for leading lab

Sunnyvale, Calif. - (December 10, 2013) — Spirent Communications announced today that leading test lab SGS has selected  its 8100 Mobile Device Test System to expand VoLTE/IMS and TDD-LTE testing capabilities to support major carriers who are planning to launch IMS/VoLTE services. Serving as one of the top accredited laboratories for wireless testing and certification, SGS provides test services aligned with wireless operators’ requirements to enable timely and efficient certification for its customers.
With VoLTE, wireless operators are faced with the challenge of delivering Quality of Service (QoS) that meets or exceeds that which the mobile user is experiencing today. The 8100 platform is backed by Spirent’s extensive expertise in all variants of LTE (FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE and LTE-Advanced) and complex interoperability issues between LTE and legacy technologies (such as CDMA and EVDO). With the goal of enabling the full potential of IMS/VoLTE services, Spirent has focused on partnering with the leading authorized labs that have been designated by major carriers for conformance testing of key test themes such as VoLTE, VoLTE E911 and RCS.
“We view the goal to successfully rollout LTE as setting a new bar for us in supporting the wireless network operators and device manufacturers. The quality of preparation and collaboration in the industry will directly map to the QoS delivered to each and every mobile user,” said Michael Spitzer, Global Wireless Manager at SGS. “We recognize Spirent’s shared interest and dedication and have chosen their 8100 solution to assist in the realization of VoLTE.”
“ Understanding the pressure on network operators and device manufacturers, Spirent has made a deliberate push to deliver the most proficient test capabilities to the leading authorized labs, including critical features such as VoLTE E911, TDD-LTE and IRAT mobility,” said Rajat Agarwal, Director of Product Management at Spirent Communications. “Our continued partnership with SGS is a strong testimony of our commitment to support carriers and their ecosystems in the successful rollout of VoLTE.”
Spirent’s VoLTE/IMS portfolio covers a broad range of test capabilities for industry standards and operator specific areas, including IMS, RCS, Audio Quality, VoLTE E911, and much more.

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