Virtualized, carrier-grade mobile core with advanced centralized SON solution provide an ideal LTE solution for dense HetNet deployments

SAN DIEGO, November 19, 2013 - Hitachi Communication Technologies America (Hitachi CTA) and AirHop Communications announced they have partnered to deliver AirHop’s advanced eSON solution to manage interference and optimize system capacity on Hitachi’s ER5000 Small Cell Gateway. 

Mobile operators face many challenges with the mass deployment of small cells to address ever-increasing data demands. Major challenges include managing the growth of both signaling and capacity. The innovative architecture of Hitachi’s ER5000 Small Cell Gateway enables operators to independently grow signaling and data capacity as the network and data demand evolve.

AirHop’s eSON provides real-time multi-cell radio coordination to optimize coverage, capacity and quality of service and load balancing, which are essential in HetNet deployments. A cloud-based client-server architecture also enables SON virtualization to deliver scalability and multi-vendor eNode B support. 

"Hitachi CTA is focused on providing competitive solutions that offer our customers the ability to easily deploy heterogeneous networks in the rapidly evolving wireless market. Integrating with the leading advanced SON solution from AirHop further strengthens our capability to deliver a complete solution for heterogeneous networks," said Reg Wilcox, EVP Business Development of Hitachi CTA. “We believe that our ER5000 Small Cell System offers unique capabilities that provide significant cost benefits through improved network efficiencies.”

“AirHop’s innovative SON technology and architecture have drawn strong interest and demand from operators and equipment vendors globally. This is a clear indication that real-time SON with client-server architecture is essential to dense LTE small cell and HetNet deployments,” said Yan Hui, co-founder and CEO of AirHop. “Working with Hitachi CTA allows AirHop to leverage its innovative ER5000 Small Cell Gateway to deliver a complete small cell system solution. This will enable operators to fast-track the deployment of small cells within macro LTE networks.”

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