Oslo, Norway - November 14, 2013 - Ultra low power (ULP) RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor ASA announced that the world's first dual-operating Bluetooth v4.0 and proprietary 2.4GHz wireless mouse has been launched by award-winning PC giant Lenovo Group and benefits in both use cases from Nordic's class-leading, multi-protocol nRF51822 SoCs.
This allows consumers to use Lenovo N700 wireless mouse with the latest Windows 8 PCs with Bluetooth v4.0 (that includes Bluetooth low energy / Bluetooth Smart) while retaining wireless compatibility with older Windows 7 PC products that do not support the ULP functionality of Bluetooth v4.0 by plugging in a small proprietary 2.4GHz plug-in USB dongle included with the product.
The Lenovo N700 is a ground-breaking product that Lenovo Group says in addition to also doubling up as a state-of-the-art laser presenter also offers a further two world-first features:It is the world's first wireless mouse to be able to automatically remain paired to two separate Bluetooth v4.0 PCs (e.g. desktop/laptop) even though this feature is not yet officially part of the Bluetooth v4.0 specification; and the Lenovo N700 is the first wireless mouse to support the latest Windows 8.1 touch gesture functionality.
In operation, when the Lenovo N700 mouse is first paired with a PC it will scan for both Bluetooth v4.0 and proprietary 2.4GHz wireless technology, and once it has found one shut down the other. Lenovo Group expects a common early use case to be where consumers have two PCs of which only one supports Bluetooth v4.0 natively, so with the second PC they will use proprietary 2.4GHz wireless technology to operate the mouse via the bundled USB dongle. Switching between the two wireless technologies is then achieved by flipping a small switch on the under-side of the product (show in NS_Lenovo-4 image).
The Lenovo N700 is powered by a single AA battery which allows it to have a thin (1.5cm thick) and light (81.5g) design, while the class-leading ULP characteristics of the Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 still allow it to offer up to 9-months of battery life (2.4GHz operating mode, 6-months in Bluetooth v4.0 operating mode). In mouse mode, the N700 features a proven 130-degree angle ergonomic peak to maintain user comfort that folds flat when the mouse is used in presenter or travel mode (see NS_Lenovo-3 image). The N700 also replaces a traditional scroll wheel with a highly sensitive touch sensitive bar.
"The N700 is a very important step for Lenovo and Nordic Semiconductor really supported us through all stages of the N700's development to help us be first-to-market with a dual operation Bluetooth v4.0 / proprietary 2.4GHz wireless mouse," comments Michael Chen, Senior Technical Manager within Lenovo Group's Accessories division. "Lenovo intends to standardize on dual-operation wireless PC peripherals for some time as a way to ease the transition for consumers between legacy Windows 7 PCs with Bluetooth v3.0, and the latest Windows 8 PCs with native Bluetooth v4.0 / Bluetooth low energy support. And we fully intend to partner with Nordic Semiconductor on all our future Bluetooth v4.0 wireless PC peripheral products."
"Dual operation gives end users the best of both worlds," comments Steel Ytterdal, Nordic Semiconductor's Director of Sales, Asia Pacific. "They get ultra low power operation at all times, they can use the same mouse with different products, and they don't have to upgrade legacy equipment to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth low energy operation as they can use proven, class-leading proprietary 2.4GHz wireless technology from Nordic Semiconductor until they are ready to buy a new PC with Windows 8 and Bluetooth v4.0 support built-in."

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