Santa Maria, CA and Maynard, MA (November 5, 2013) - Quintron Systems, along with Stratus Technologies, announced that the latest version of Quintron’s DICES VoIP equipment, containing Stratus’s availability solution, will be deployed at United Launch Alliance (ULA) starting later this year.

This is the most recent development in a long-standing global partnership between Stratus and Quintron. Stratus’ platform based availability solution is an integral component of Quintron’s end-to-end offering for mission-critical command center voice conferencing systems.

“We’ve been a partner of Stratus for the past 7 years,” said Quintron President, David Wilhite. “The Stratus availability solution is a key component of our overall solution that enables us to deliver the extremely high levels of reliability that ULA and our other critical operations customers have come to expect. We chose Stratus over other solution providers because of their heritage and the comprehensive nature of their platform solution which extends to best in class levels of availability, service, and support.”

“When you’re dealing with operations as critical as US Government Space Launches, interruption of communications systems for even the smallest amount of time is totally unacceptable,” said Susan Bailey, Vice President Americas Sales, Stratus. "We’ve been providing solutions that deliver the highest levels of availability to our customers and channel partners for over three decades. Driven by new technologies, applications, access requirements and devices, the requirement for always-on applications is expanding. The extreme levels of availability we can achieve with our solutions give our partners and their customers the levels of assurance they need.”

Stratus’ solutions are designed to deliver continuous availability – making them the ideal choice for “always on” physical, virtualized, or cloud deployments. Unlike other solutions that are designed to recover after downtime has occurred, Stratus’ solutions, coupled with its award-winning remote monitoring support, are engineered to prevent outages and data loss before they happen. Channel partners can quickly and easily leverage these capabilities to ensure protection against downtime and data loss.

Quintron has provided high-reliability solutions for over thirty years in its several generations of DICES audio systems, so incorporation of the Stratus high-availability server was the perfect solution for the unique IP system design for DICES VoIP.   This system represents the only pure client-server product in the command and control Range operating marketplace, and it has been selected for over 20 major customer installations since initial delivery in 2006. 

The first United Launch Alliance system installation and start-up is planned for two West Coast launch centers by year-end with the other two centers at Cape Canaveral planned to complete cutover by mid-2014.  These will represent the first major utilization of IP-based voice systems anywhere in the United States space launch industry and shows ULA leadership in developing and maintaining state-of-the-art operations in support of critical U.S. launches.

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