RDL-3000 wireless system for sub-700 MHz frequencies is the fastest white space technology with the longest range to win approval from U.S. and Canadian regulatory authorities

TORONTO – October 21, 2013 – Redline Communications Group announced its wireless broadband system for the sub-700 MHz frequency bands – the so-called television white space –has been certified by both the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Industry Canada. 

Built on Redline’s recently announced Universal Wireless Transport (UW) platform, the sub-700 MHz RDL-3000 wireless broadband system delivers the fastest data rates over the longest distances with the broadest non-line-of-site coverage of any currently available white space product.

In 2008 the FCC unlicensed the wireless frequency range between 50 MHz and 698 MHz, the spectrum previously used for analog VHF and UHF TV television broadcasts, today referred to as “white space.”  Wireless signals transmitted within this spectrum range can travel over long distances, over hills, through trees, around buildings and other physical obstacles making it useful and cost-effective for a wide range of WAN applications.  Redline’s sub-700 RDL-3000 system takes advantage of these attributes and then supercharges the speed and distance of the transmission, delivering high speed wireless connections over distances as far as 35 miles. This extended range translates directly into fewer base stations and therefore a much lower infrastructure cost when designing a wide area network.

“It’s very gratifying to see two major regulatory bodies test and certify what Redline believes will be an important solution for our customers around the world,” said Rodney Cronin, director of product management at Redline Communications. “Having the most powerful product in this newly available spectrum brings greater flexibility in network design, and has the potential for tremendous cost savings when building out network infrastructure.  FCC certification is recognized the world over, and gives Redline customers added confidence that our newest solution is a reliable, high-performance option for networking in the most challenging topographies.”

The FCC’s certification approves the Redline white space system for use in the United States across a frequency range spanning from 470 MHz to 698 MHz using 6 MHz channels.  This certification allows the RDL-3000 to transmit at speeds of up to 27 Mbps over a distance of up to 35 miles (approximately 60 km). Industry Canada has certified this same technology for use in Canada over a frequency range spanning 512 MHz to 698 MHz using either 6 MHz or 12 MHz channels.  Using 12 MHz channels allows this system to transmit at speeds of up to 54 Mbps over the same 35 mile distance.

Redline’s software defined architecture allows RDL-3000 sub-700 MHz network systems to be easily configured via software to comply with any country’s regulatory specifications, allowing them to work anywhere in the world.  When combined with Redline’s lower power requirements and ruggedized enclosures, this white space system is ideal for providing wireless coverage in remote areas where power can be derived from alternative energy sources such as solar, and where absolute reliable operation is important. Redline’s RDL-3000 wireless broadband systems are used worldwide to deliver wide area network connectivity for industrial operations such as oil and gas exploration where temperatures, climate and terrain can differ wildly.

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