Lynnfield-based technicians throughout New England are now Factory Authorized by Spirax Sarco for commissioning and start-up of control products

Blythewood, South Carolina – September 25, 2013 – Spirax Sarco announced their partnership with J.M. Electrical Company Inc., the premier professionals in advanced automated building systems. J.M. Electrical Company Inc. is now a Factory Authorized service supplier of Spirax Sarco and will now assist them in servicing and commissioning its commercial and industrial accounts throughout New England.

J.M. Electrical technicians will be responsible for commissioning and start-up of heat exchangers, metering, control valves and related instrumentation products. In the future the partnership will be expanded to include the operations and maintenance of existing control systems throughout the Northeast, ensuring sustained efficiency and customer satisfaction.

“With their expertise and knowledge in integrated building systems, we feel that this partnership with J.M. Electrical will be extremely beneficial to both companies, as well as our current and future clients.” Jim Ahart, Area Manager for New England, Spirax Sarco said. “Through J.M. Electrical’s well-known presence, we will now be able to deliver new avenues of steam system services to a broader audience.”

To cement the partnership and expand their breadth of knowledge, technicians from J.M. Electrical traveled to Blythewood, South Carolina, to familiarize themselves with Spirax Sarco. Included in this visit was a thorough training event which allowed all the technicians from J.M. Electrical to become certified and approved to support all the related Spirax Sarco products.

In conjunction with touring the facility and establishing a working partnership, the technicians were trained on clean steam generators, shell and tube heat exchangers, plate and frame heat exchangers, as well as assembling and fine-tuning control valves.

“Throughout this partnership, J.M. Electrical will be responsible for servicing and commissioning Spirax Sarco’s controls and instrumentation products throughout our New England accounts,” said Adam Palmer, Project Manager, J.M. Electrical. “We are excited about the collaboration between Spirax Sarco and J.M. Electrical. Between both companies, we will be able to deliver world class service and opportunities that provide real value to customers and are unparalleled in the industry. With the direction the industry is headed in, learning new skills and mastering this sophisticated and efficient technology will only help us to service our customers better now and in the future.”

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