Innovative Technologies Being Developed and Patented by xG’s Engineers are Driving New Techniques, Hardware, and Software that Allow Highly Customer-Centric Solutions

xG Technology (Sarasota, FL) announced that it has been granted eight new patents. The patents cover a wide range of innovations that will enable it to offer differentiated mobile broadband solutions to a diverse range of customers and applications. The inventions covered by these patents simplify and reduce the cost related to the deployment and operation of fixed and mobile broadband networks. These patents further strengthen xG’s capability to deliver solutions that can operate in licensed, unlicensed, and shared spectrum bands.

As smart device usage, media-rich content, and location-aware apps push global wireless data traffic to unsustainable levels, spectrum sharing is seen as a solution to the capacity problem faced by mobile operators, public safety, Homeland Security, and Department of Defense agencies.

“With government, industry and public advocacy groups recognizing that spectrum sharing represents the most efficient way of addressing the nation’s spectrum needs, it is imperative that the technology innovations in this field keep pace,” says Tandhoni Rao, Ph.D., CTO and Managing Partner of Salbec, LLC, and a previous technical advisor to xG. “As evidenced by this patent announcement, xG is continuing to invest in its cognitive radio technology foundation in ways that will enable it to offer market-leading solutions that solve many of the issues faced  by the wireless industry.”

These newly granted patents underscore the Company’s increasingly valuable Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio as well as its growing leadership in the rapidly expanding cognitive radio and shared spectrum networking field. The New York Times has named xG as a company “developing technology that could change the whole spectrum game by using radio frequencies more efficiently.”

“As the demand for spectrum sharing solutions continues gaining traction in the marketplace, xG’s expanding IP portfolio will enable the Company to deliver powerful, patent-protected technologies to meet this need,” said Joe Bobier, CTO of xG. “The inventions covered in these patents enable xG to offer cost-effective and unique solutions that have the potential to fundamentally change how wireless networks operate in increasingly crowded frequencies and channels.”

As of the date of this release, xG’s United States patent portfolio includes 47 patents granted, with an additional 15 patent applications pending. The Company’s foreign patent portfolio totals 141 patent matters (issued and pending).

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